USQ Update

USQ Update

Matt Hayden Joins US Quidditch Board

Matt Hayden, New Territory Partnership Manager at Positive Coaching Alliance, is joining the USQ Board of Directors, effective immediately.  

Hayden was selected, along with the most recent director, Alison O’Neil, as part of the Board's efforts to recruit talented, passionate, and experienced individuals. He attended World Cup 8 and met the rest of the USQ Board, including Alex Terry, pictured above.

Hayden started his career in athletics playing soccer and baseball through high school and his love of the game led him to focus in sports in his academics and career as well. He earned a degree in Sport Management at Kennesaw State University and has worked on the promotional staff for the Atlanta Braves. Hayden later took a position in the Business Development and Group Sales offices at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and in ticket sales for several Minor League Baseball teams. He recently received his MBA from Arizona State University and currently works as the New Territory Partnership Manager at the Positive Coaching Alliance, where he manages over 150 accounts and has helped the organization exceed quotas every year for the past three years.

“I am excited to be joining the US Quidditch board and looking forward to contributing to the growth of this popular sport,” Hayden stated. “Experiencing quidditch at its highest level during World Cup 8 was energizing. The unrivaled passion from both fans and athletes was the first thing I noticed, but the level of athleticism and commitment to sportsmanship during games was equally as impressive.”

Hayden also hopes that his background will supplement the board and league in new ways.

“My previous experiences and work with a variety of sports across the country will provide value to an already exciting game that means so much to its supporters. Being able to draw on my understanding of developing a sustainable sport community will hopefully provide a new dynamic and view-point to an already talented board,” Hayden said.

Hayden will be joining the Board of Directors immediately. The board meets in person two times per year and holds conferences calls once per month to set and guide the long-term mission and financial health of the organization. Anyone interested in potentially applying to join the Board can learn more about the characteristics of ideal candidates and apply here.

Please note that as a Board Member of USQ and a staff member of PCA, a partner organization of USQ, Hayden will not be voting or contributing to any decisions related to PCA under USQ’s Conflict of Interest policy.