USQ Update

Archibald Selected as October Referee of the Month

Jayke Archibald has been selected as USQ's October Referee of the Month

USQ is pleased to announce that its October 2014 Referee of the Month is Jayke Archibald. Archibald, current captain of Q.C. Boston The Massacre, lives in Boston and works full time in finance at a telecommunications company. He began his officiating career with youth soccer leagues at age 11. Dealing with the sons and daughters of Massachusetts soccer-moms well prepared him for anything he now may see on a quidditch pitch. Off the field, Archibald enjoys playing board games with Boston's quidditch community and watching the New England Patriots and Manchester United games, though the latter have not been as enjoyable of late.

Archibald has been instrumental at a number of tournaments so far this season, and it is due to his assistance that many official games have taken place this season. He has consistently received excellent reviews by both his peers and tournament directors, and USQ is proud to count him among the USQ striped.

"I appreciate the recognition,” said Archibald. “As someone who made a pointed decision to try to help fix the state of refereeing in quidditch this year, seeing such early validation [of that decision] is very rewarding.”

The USQ Referee of the Month program runs in the six months from September to February, with one winner to be chosen per month. The six winners of the Referee of the Month Award will be eligible for the Referee of the Year award and a USQ World Cup travel grant.