Villanova wins Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship

Villanova University clinched the Mid-Atlantic Reg...
Villanova University clinched the Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship of 2012 with a nail-biting win over University of Maryland this past weekend, November 3-4, in Roanoke, VA.   Seeker and captain Billy Greco pulled the snitch for Villanova in the 19th minute when the team was down 30-50 against Maryland, bringing the final score to 60-50 in Villanova's favor and earning them the championship. The team was also led by co-captains Zach D'Amico and Dan Takaki, and trailed narrowly to UMD (led by a formidable leadership group comprising Josh Marks, Sarah Woolsey, Liz Miles, Ricky Nelson, Kate Felton, and James Hicks), for most of the game. The final featured three players from Team USA: Hicks, Greco, and D'amico. Team USA's Michael Parada also played in the tournament for Penn State, a team that was knocked out in the semi-finals by Villanova, 110-80. 19 teams competed in the event, and their final standings are below. The top 8 teams earned spots for the sixth World Cup in Kissimmee, FL this April:
Standings Rank     Win Pct.     Avg. APD
Villanova University 1 1.00 59.70
University of Maryland 2 0.88 67.45
QC Pittsburgh 3 0.86 43.46
Penn State University 4 0.67 37.30
Johns Hopkins University 5 0.71 27.31
Virginia Commonwealth University 6 0.67 39.56
University of Richmond 7 0.63 22.19
QC Carolinas 8 0.63 8.77
University of Virginia 9 0.50 -17.78
Virginia Tech 10 0.43 1.90
Edinboro University 11 0.33 -26.98
Steel City Quidditch Club 12 0.29 -21.81
Lock Haven University 13 0.50 -15.65
Carnegie Mellon University 14 0.20 -42.47
Duke University 15 0.20 -46.81
Franklin & Marshall College 16 0.17 -52.57
Christopher Newport University 17 0.00 -76.44
Kutztown University 18 0.00 -83.95
UNC Greensboro 19 0.00 -84.93
It should be noted that one particularly exciting phase on the tournament took place on pitch 1 midway through the brackets, in which, due to irregular sized pools because of last-minute, hurricane-induced team dropouts, University of Virginia and University of Richmond had to fight it out in a best of three round. This round would not only determine who would advance in the brackets, but also which team would walk away from the series with a World Cup spot. UR stomped UVA decisively in the first game, 110-30, but UVA seemed to suddenly wake up in game 2. Trailing by just 10 points in the 23rd minute, they grabbed the snitch and pulled ahead to a 140-120 win. Unfortunately for UVA, the UR team (sporting their new Spider Man-esque uniforms) began pulling away in game 3, and Seeker Dan Waddell grabbed the snitch to cement an 80-20 win and land a World Cup spot for UR. Despite the high tension and pressure on both teams during the game, the teams played with great sportsmanship. "If you're going to lose a World Cup spot, you might as well lose it that way," remarked UVA team members after the game ended. Within the hour, they had already begun discussing traveling to World Cup, even if they couldn't play in it. Besides the Mid-Atlantic fantasy tournament this summer, the regional was the first IQA-organized tournament in the Mid-Atlantic region since the region's formation, and was exceptionally well organized by tournament and regional director Logan Anbinder and the MARC organizing committee, including Alex Krall, Sarah Woolsey, Carissa Crossett, Chris Kostick, and Amber Cummings. Logan was quick to credit the committee in a closing speech, claiming that "whenever I said we should do something one way, my team would often say, actually, it would probably work better if we did it this way, and they were always right!" More than half of the attending teams stayed in the IQA hotels, which were well organized by Marie Sperling and AAGT, who handle all of the IQA events and will be doing hotel packages for the World Cup. IQA teams director Harrison Homel was also present at the event, along with membership director Katie Stack. The tournament was co-hosted by the Roanoke Valley Convention and Visitor's Bureau, which supported the event and helped with organization and promotion. They assisted with basic logistics and even painted the fields, which featured an outside perimeter beyond the field's edge that audience members were required to stay outside of. Reffing throughout the event was superb, with the IQA's referee certification program clearly up and running well in the region. Of course, there were calls here and there that were not the best, but the referees maintained safety, authority, fair play, and control on the fields, and players respected them. One of the clearest signs of the referees' success was the lack of serious injuries, including not a single broken collarbone or concussion. Medics on site did help with minor to moderate injuries, including a Villanova player who was sidelined with an injured knee in the semi-finals against Penn State. The IQA is extremely grateful to the RVCVB, which not only co-hosted the tournament but also organized a simultaneous tri-wizard tournament at the venue for local families. As a result, hundreds of parents and children came out on day one of the quidditch tournament to participate in the activities and watch quidditch. Teams would do well to utilize this strategy in bringing out locals for non-official events as well. Check out photos from the event here, taken by Deanna Edmunds Check out all game scores and results here More videos and photos will be posted if/when they become available. Don't forget about the Midwest Regional Championship this coming weekend!