European Regional Championship

With the World Cup Regional Distribution recently ...

With the World Cup Regional Distribution recently announced, teams across the globe are buzzing with anticipation as the heart of quidditch season gets underway. This weekend marks an important event: the very first regional qualifier tournament in IQA history: the European Regional Championship, hosted in Lesparre Medoc on Saturday October 13th.


Directed by Ingrid Vezy of Anthena Lesparre Quidditch, the tournament is being put on in conjunction with Hugo Rhaps of France Quidditch, in partnership with La Gazette du Sorcier, and with the coordination of all participating team captains. The Opening Ceremony is scheduled to begin at 10 AM CEST, with the event lasting until 6 PM.

All six official registered global teams from Europe will be in attendance, fighting fiercely for the top spot in the tournament and the qualifying slot for World Cup VI. The registered teams are:

- Anthena Lesparre Quidditch - Toulouse Quidditch - Nantes Quidditch - Paris Phénix Quidditch - Paris Frog Quidditch - Milano Meneghins Quidditch

Each of the six teams will be placed in a pool of three and the tournament will begin with round-robin style play. Using the performance of teams during the pool play phase, they will be placed into a traditional bracket structure for the remainder of the tournament. From there, play continues until there is one champion. Bon courage!

This event has free entrance for all who wish to come watch and support their favorite teams. Additionally, there are several small activities planned throughout the day, along with a party for all fans and participants Saturday night! The location of the tournament is:

2 Rue du Docteur Benaben 33340 LESPARRE MEDOC

If you cannot make the event, there will be a live stream coordinated by France Quidditch.

If you would like more information about the event, you can check out the European Regional Championship  facebook page or email