En vol! Su le scope! Brooms up!

This past weekend I traveled to the town of Lespar...
This past weekend I traveled to the town of Lesparre-Medoc in Western France to represent the IQA at European Regionals.  Six teams, five from France and one from Italy, competed in a round robin tournament for the chance to represent their country at World Cup VI.  Picture taken by: Marie-Angélique RAKOTO from Paris Frog Quidditch Upon arriving at the event site, everyone was excited.  Friends were reuniting and anticipation of the day's activities were growing.  One thing I wasn't used to, however, was that instead of greeting everyone with hugs, the French culture greets people with kisses on the cheeks. Needless to say, I may have overstepped my boundaries hugging French strangers. The atmosphere was upbeat and exciting.  Opening ceremonies began with all the teams lining up on the field, as the national anthems from France, Italy, England, and America were played.  Finally, the games began! After a long day of rain and sweat, these were the final results:
  1. Paris Phénix Quidditch
  2. Paris Frog Quidditch
  3. Milano Meneghins Quidditch
  4. Anthena Lesparre Quidditch
  5. Nantes Quidditch
  6. Toulouse Quidditch
The Mayor of Lesparre-Medoc presented medals to all the teams at the closing ceremonies.  Thanks to all the teams for traveling, and big thanks to Ingrid Vezy and Hugo Rhaps for organizing the tournament.  Michele Clabassi, the captain of the Milano Meneghins,  summarized it best: “I think what made the tournament great was that the small issues that might have came up in the organization didn't ultimately matter. At the end of the day, what everyone really cared about was playing some great quidditch, having fun, and getting to know new people and learning about new cultures.” Even if we didn't share the same language, we shared quidditch, and that goes beyond what words can express.