World Cup V Division 2 & High School Rankings

DIVISION II (View single-elimination bracket) ...
DIVISION II (View single-elimination bracket)
Team Place
Purdue 1
Iceland Outside Magazine 3
Badassilisks 4
Johns Hopkins 5
Green Mountain 6
SUNY Fredonia 7
Franklin and Marshall 8
Syracuse 9
Illinois State 10
Maryland Marauders 11
Rollins College 12
Duke 13
Winthrop 14
Carnegie Mellon 15
Hendrix 16
Swathmore 17
Loyola-Chicago 18
Christopher Newport University 20
Department of Homeland Sorcery 21
Miami Ohio 22
Ryerson University 23
Kutztown University 24
View all scores here   HIGH SCHOOL (Single-elimination bracket coming soon)
Team Place
Trinity 1
Pleasantville 2
Eleanor Roosevelt 3
Briarcliff 4
Chittenden 5
Ursuline 6
Darien 7
Scarsdale 8
View all scores here   Rankings are based on wins, and tie-breakers are resolved by the IQA's S.W.I.M. (Snitch When It Matters) point differential system. SWIM is a regular point differential that also takes into account the point in the match at which the snitch was grabbed, i.e. whether the grabbing team was down or up when they caught the snitch. The algorithm for SWIM is here: by parts[IF(Snitch,YES,P<30;P+30), OR IF(Snitch,NO,P=-inf->inf;P), ORIF(Snitch,Yes,P>30;P+30*e^(-0.033(P-20)))]   If you wish to contest any scores or results, please email No other forms of contest will be considered.