US National Team

2018 IQA World Cup


The US National Team staff received 145 complete applications for the 2018 USNT. After extensively reviewing essays, film, scouting reports and training camp performances, 25 were chosen to represent the United States and quidditch on the biggest stage in 2018.

USNT staff would like to thank all those that assisted and attended the USNT Training Camps. The next stage of the process will be selecting the 25-person roster and additional USNT staff that will compete in Florence, Italy and continuing fundraising efforts.

As previously announced, this team will be led by USNT Head Coach Michael “Yada” Parada and USNT Assistant Coach Aryan Ghoddossy. The USNT Coordinator is Amanda Dallas. We are also pleased to announce that five-time IQA/USQ Cup champion Augustine Monroe will serve as playing captain.


Joshua Andrews | Utility - Texas Cavalry
Jayke Archibald | Keeper - Quidditch Club Boston
Andrew Axtell | Chaser - Lake Erie Elite
Julia Baer | Chaser - Bosnyan Bearsharks
Martin Bermudez Jr| Chaser - Texas Cavalry
Kaci Erwin | Chaser - Texas Cavalry
Bailee Fields | Beater - Texas State University
Harry Greenhouse | Utility - Quidditch Club Boston
Samuel Haimowitz | Chaser - Texas A&M Quidditch
Max Havlin | Beater - Quidditch Club Boston
Rachel Heald | Chaser - Kansas Quidditch
Quincy Hildreth | Chaser - Terminus Quidditch Atlanta
Jackson Johnson | Beater - Lone Star Quidditch Club
Luke Langlinais | Chaser - Lone Star Quidditch Club
Lindsay Marella | Chaser - The Warriors
Nicholas Marino | Chaser - Texas Quidditch
Augustine Monroe | Keeper - Texas Cavalry
Mercedes Natali | Chaser - Nomads
Hallie Pace | Beater - Texas Quidditch
Vicky Sanford | Beater - Arizona State University
Cole Travis | Beater - Texas Cavalry
Tyler Trudeau | Keeper - Bosnyan Bearsharks
Simón Van der veen Quant Arends Jr. | Chaser - Texas Cavalry
Tyler Walker | Beater - Lake Erie Elite
Lulu Xu | Beater - Quidditch Club Boston


Jenna Bollweg | Chaser - Texas State University
Leeanne Dillmann | Beater - Bosnyan Bearsharks
David Fox | Utility - Bosnyan Bearsharks
Jacob Parker | Chaser - Mizzou Quidditch
Perry Wang | Beater - University of Rochester Thestrals

The list of alternates above is in alphabetical order by last name and is not an indication of the order in which a player would move to the primary team. In the event that one of the players is unable to attend and compete in the event, an alternate player will be moved up to the main team roster. Each specific replacement will be determined by USNT coaching staff based on the specific needs of the team at that time.


Additional Tryout Information


While the in-person and video tryout portions of the USNT application process have ceased, scouts and USNT staff will be present at US Quidditch Cup 11 to further evaluate applicants. The national championship is a high-pressure tournament and serves as a pivotal setting in which we are able to determine if an athlete can handle the pressure that will be placed upon them to win gold at the IQA World Cup.

We request that applicants do not approach USNT staff while they are coaching, playing, reffing or volunteering in another capacity. If you have questions, please direct them to USNT Coordinator Amanda Dallas at


We will be taking 25 players to Florence, Italy and selecting one to five alternates. The 2018 USNT roster will be announced publicly on Tuesday, April 24.

The IQA permits teams to have a maximum of 25 players on their tournament roster for the weekend. For each day of the tournament, Head Coach Michael “Yada” Parada will select up to 21 players to include on that day’s roster. Players not included on that day’s roster will have entry into the tournament but cannot enter the player area during a game. There is no guarantee that each of the 25 players will roster for one or both days.

Parada will be announcing his coaching staff this month. He is in the final stages of selection.


Summer practice plans will be determined based on the makeup of the roster as locational concentration will play a key role in how practices will be executed. In addition to attending summer practices, players will also be expected to maintain a healthy diet and commit to a prescribed workout schedule which will include check-ins with USNT staff.

USNT athletes will be under a structured itinerary the week leading up to and during IQA World Cup. Athletes are expected to arrive in Florence between Saturday evening, June 23 and Monday morning, June 25 in order to participate in practices and strategy sessions throughout the week. If an athlete is not capable of fulfilling this requirement, Coach Parada will make other arrangements with the individual. For marketing purposes, athletes will also be required to attend a photoshoot and participate in vlogs throughout the week. Athletes will have the opportunity to see the city; however, tourism will not take precedence over USNT activities.

We will be staying in an AirBnB from Saturday night to Friday morning. For Friday night through Monday morning, we will be housed in Bungalow Superior, as required by the IQA World Cup Stay and Play Policy.



We’re excited to announce that we raised $4,400 via our USNT Training Camps. While we were initially allocating the entirety of this profit to housing, we had to reallocate around $2,000 of the funds due to an unexpected increase in tournament registration fees.

USNT merchandise—featuring the redesigned USNT logo—will be available for purchase at the USQ booth at US Quidditch Cup. We will have t-shirts and tank tops available. Profits from the sale of those items will go directly to the USNT. We will also be holding a Chipotle fundraiser on Sunday, April 15 from 5 pm to 9 pm at the Round Rock location, just 15 minutes from the fields. Post-USQ Cup, we will continue to sell USNT merch—though certain items will only be in limited quantities—in the USQ online store and hold additional restaurant fundraisers. Dallas plans to work with rostered players to discuss other ideas to raise funds. All fundraising profits will go toward USNT tournament registration, kits and travel costs.

Lastly, upon completion of the USNT kit designs, we will begin partnership outreach. If you or a company you know are interested in pursuing a partnership with the USNT, email Dallas at

To support the US National Team directly, please donate through this button:



Looking to attend IQA World Cup as a USNT supporter? Fill out this form and Fan Managers Lisle Coleman and Kerri Donnelly will add you to the USNT Supporters Group once you have confirmed your attendance at the tournament.

Coleman and Donnelly will reach out in the coming months with information related to the USNT fan section, including housing at the USNT Fan Villa.

Additional questions related to the USNT can be directed to Dallas at


Tryout Process

The US National Team will run a tryout process with the aim of compiling the strongest roster possible to compete at the 2018 IQA World Cup in Florence, Italy between June 27 and July 2. The final roster–composed of 21 to 30 players dependent upon the applicant pool–will be unveiled late spring 2018.

Tryouts for the US National Team will be a three-step process. Players will be selected based on these steps, but their play throughout the USQ and Major League Quidditch (MLQ) season, public persona, and disciplinary history will also be taken into consideration.

Anonymous scouts have been selected across the US to observe prospects throughout the 2017-18 USQ season and to provide input on the final roster. Some of these scouts were also present at the 2017 MLQ Championship, and will be able to provide input based on players’ performance during the MLQ season as well.

USQ is proud to partner with MLQ in presenting the US National Team. Part of this partnership is in the application process for players to the team. Players who have experience competing in MLQ are able to utilize that in the application process for the US National Team, including game film, letters of recommendation, and participation in the MLQ season.


Each athlete must meet the following basic requirements* to be considered for the US National Team:

  • 18 years of age or older at time of the event.
  • Must hold a valid passport at time of the event.
  • Must meet at least one of the following requirements:
    • Be a US citizen;
    • Have lived in the US for at least three years;
    • Have played quidditch only in the US;
    • Have played officially in the US during the 2017 MLQ season and/or the 2017-18 USQ season.

Any athlete that meets the above requirements is eligible to fill out a US National Team application. The application is now live and will close February 1, 2018. It includes necessary waivers and written commitment to various requirements, including but not limited to fundraiser participation and US National Team practice attendance.

In addition to filling out the basic application, athletes should submit the below via email to US National Team Coordinator Amanda Dallas at and US National Team Coach Michael “Yada” Parada at as a single PDF file titled: “2018_Player_POSITION_LASTNAME”.

  • Brief essay of 500 words that explains why they want this opportunity to represent the nation and the league.
  • Letter of recommendation from a coach or captain of an official USQ or MLQ team they compete(d) for during the 2017-18 season.

Note that the US National Team Coach maintains the right to play an athlete at a position different than the one for which they initially applied.

* Requirements may change based upon IQA ruling. The IQA has not yet issued requirements for the 2018 IQA World Cup.


All athletes interested in trying out for the US National Team must submit three unedited recordings of official USQ or MLQ games in which they have played. The footage must meet the below requirements.

  • All video submissions are due by March 6, 2018 at 11:59 pm ET.
  • All videos should be sent as either a YouTube, Facebook Live, Google Drive or Dropbox link via the body of an email to Parada at with the subject line “LASTNAME_US National Team Video Submission.”
  • The body of the email must also include the athlete’s name, position(s), gender, their USQ seasonal team, their 2017 MLQ team (if applicable) and the address of assumed residency for summer 2018.
  • In the body of the email, athletes should provide timestamps of when they were on pitch and a description of the play that takes place during each timestamp.
  • These are not highlight reels. Please only send complete or nearly-complete game footage.
  • Footage will only be considered valid if the game took place during one of the following seasons:
    • USQ 2016-17
    • MLQ 2017
    • USQ 2017-18 


Optional training camps will be held across the US beginning in January 2018. Interested athletes are highly encouraged to attend. Information is available here

The aim is to have at least one training camp accessible to each region. Training camps will be three to four hours in length and include a conglomerate of drills and scrimmages to test prospects on knowledge of the game, athletic ability, chemistry and attitude. Athletes planning to attend will be required to pay a registration fee. The registration fee for current USQ members will be $25. For non-members, it will be $35. These fees will go toward the cost of training camps and US National Team fundraising efforts.

Detailed locations and times will be specified on the USQ website, US National Team Facebook and US National Team Twitter upon finalization. US National Team staff hopes to hold each training camp in conjunction with a winter or spring tournament. If you would like to offer field space or assist in the organization of a training camp in your city or at your university, email Dallas at All offers will be considered.