Referee Resources

As a fast-paced sport with many different moving parts, quidditch requires several officials. Every quidditch match is officiated by six or seven referees: a head referee, lead assistant referee, up to two bludger referees (now called assistant referees), a snitch referee, and two goal referees. These referees work together to ensure that each game is run safely and effectively. USQ’s referee program aims to certify referees to ensure the highest standards nation-wide. Referee certification is an ongoing process, consisting first of a written and practical test, and supplemented by referee development programs, online resources, and a system to continually review referee performance. Every USQ official game must be adjudicated by a certified head referee paid $15 ($20 at USQ regional and national championships) and a certified lead assistant referee paid $10 in order to count for the rankings and regular season requirements.

Resources for Referees

GUIDE: Referee Protocol and Procedures

Calling Advantage

Clarification on Charging

Commonly Misinterpreted Rules

Enforcing the Gender Maximum

Officials Payment Procedures

Reversing a Call

Working with Assistant Referees

Referee Policies


Field Test Rubric 

Extended Field Test Rubric 

other referee-relevant links

Review a Referee