Player Packing List

 Going to a tournament? Make sure you have everything you need! For a downloadable version of this checklist, please click the link on the sidebar.


    ❏ Uniform
    ❏ Shorts
    ❏ Cleats    
    ❏ Headband    
    ❏ Sneakers (just in case the field can’t be used with cleats)
    ❏ Mouthguard
    ❏ Goggles
    ❏ Athletic brace  
    ❏ Extra pairs of socks
    ❏ Extra layers of clothing 
    ❏ Hair ties 
    ❏ Sunglasses


    ❏ Water bottle (filled)
    ❏ Snacks (if OK per facility policy— check online or ask the tournament director)
    ❏ Prepacked lunch (if OK per facility policy)


    ❏ USQ ID (make sure you bring this specifically, and not just any photo ID)
    ❏ Signed event waiver (if required by the tournament director)
    ❏ Medical supplies (first-aid kit, wraps, Band-Aids, etc.)
    ❏ Personal equipment bag
    ❏ Sunscreen
    ❏ Hand sanitizer
    ❏ Umbrella/raincoat
    ❏ Small container to hold jewelry
    ❏ Camera
    ❏ Money (for food, gas/travel, merchandise, etc.)

Referee gear (if reffing)

    ❏ Ref jersey (black and white stripes)
    ❏ Black pants or shorts (if team uniform shorts are not black)
    ❏ Whistle (preferably Fox 40)
    ❏ Blue, yellow, and red cards
    ❏ Coin
    ❏ Snitch shorts, tail, and shirt
    ❏ Copy of Rulebook 8

Overnight gear

    ❏ Sleeping bag
    ❏ Pillow
    ❏ Nightwear
    ❏ Toiletries
    ❏ Towel
    ❏ Electronics chargers (laptop, cell phone, etc.)
    ❏ Schoolwork
    ❏ Extra change of clothes

Team gear— designate someone on your team to bring each of these things

    ❏ Tournament entry fee (if not prepaid)
    ❏ Copy of tournament welcome packet
    ❏ Copy of game schedule
    ❏ Copy of volunteer schedule 
    ❏ Driving directions to housing, parking, and fields (one set per car, include contact numbers for
    the tournament staff and for housing)
    ❏ Referee fees ($10 per game, if not included in tournament entry fee)
    ❏ Tent
    ❏ Practice quaffles
    ❏ Practice bludgers
    ❏ Practice brooms
    ❏ Team merchandise to sell (check with the TD first to see if this is permitted)
    ❏ Team flag/banner
    ❏ Team debit card