Officiate and Volunteer

Information about how to get involved with the 2019-20 season will be available in early September.


Limited housing is available. Priority is given to officials and field managers who are traveling from out of region and willing to work at least 6 hours each day. Those interested should indicate that they would like to be considered for housing on their sign-up form and USQ staff will follow up with information on what is available.


All officials and volunteers receive a confirmation email when they sign up. If you did not receive your confirmation email, contact regarding volunteers and for officials.


Per USQ policy, officials will be compensated as follows:

  • Certified head referees: $20 per game
  • Certified lead assistant referees: $10 per game
  • Certified snitch runners: $8 per game

Teams will be assigned to provide referees during several game slots. If a team does not fulfill their referee obligations or their referees do not show up for their games as assigned, they will be subject to forfeit for all remaining games of the tournament.

Lunch will be provided for officials who work 6 or more games in one day. Those who officiate 5 or more games in unpaid positions (either as a snitch runner, AR, SR, scorekeeper, timekeeper, and/or goal judge) are eligible to receive a free t-shirt. Please note that games as part of a team's officials crew requirements do not count towards this total. 


Players and non-players are both encouraged to volunteer for the regional championship! We are looking for volunteers in the following areas:

  • Field Managers
  • Setup and teardown
  • General Volunteers
  • Youth quidditch

Lunch will be provided for volunteers who work 6 or more hours in one day. Light breakfast will be provided for set-up volunteers. All field managers, youth quidditch, and general volunteers will receive a free t-shirt that must be worn while on shift. Other volunteers who work a minimum of 3 total hours will also receive a volunteer t-shirt.


The volunteer and officiating schedules will be available by the following dates:

  • Great Lakes: Monday, October 22
    • The schedule is available here
  • Northeast: Monday, October 22
    • The schedule is available here
  • Mid-Atlantic: Monday, October 29
    • The schedule is available here.
  • Midwest: Monday, October 29
    • The schedule is available here
  • West: Monday, February 4
  • South: Monday, February 11
  • Southwest: Monday, February 18