Become a Referee

We need YOU to join the stripes!

As a fast-paced sport with many different moving parts, quidditch requires several officials. Every quidditch match is officiated by six or seven referees: a head referee, lead assistant referee, up to two bludger referees (now called assistant referees), a snitch referee, and two goal referees. These referees work together to ensure that each game is run safely and effectively. USQ’s referee training program aims to certify referees to ensure the highest standards nation-wide. Referee certification is an ongoing process, consisting first of a written and practical test, and supplemented by referee training programs, online resources, and a system to continually review referee performance.

Every USQ official game must be adjudicated by a certified head referee paid $15 ($20 at USQ regional and national championships) and a certified lead assistant referee paid $10 in order to count for the rankings and regular season requirements. In order to meet the demand for certified referees, every official USQ team is required to have a certain number of players attempt to become certified referees.

USQ Tiered Referee Certification

This tiered referee certification system aims to remove the burden of re-certification from our most skilled officials while increasing the quality of quidditch officiating. In June 2016, the tiered system was reworked to only apply to certified head referees. For more information, please visit this page.


certification and re-certification

Based on past certification and experience, USQ referees can re-certify as a head referee or begin the certification process.

The majority of certified head referees will start in tier 2. Those who receive excellent feedback and officiate often may qualify for tier 1 status. Those in need of improvement may qualify for tier 3 status. All three tiers of certified head referees are eligible to officiate as head referees during official matches. At USQ events, tier 3 head referees are likely to be given more lead assistant referee assignments. All tiers will be re-assessed at least every six months by the USQ membership department. Referee evaluations will be crucial in assigning and changing tiers. Tiers are subject to change throughout the season outside of the formal assessments, pending performance and evaluations.

While a lead assistant referees is required for each official match and paid at a rate of $10 per game in the 2016-17 season, lead assistant referee who are not certified head referees will no longer be a designated tier in the tier system. Snitch referees and assistant referees are also no longer a designated tier. Only certified lead assistant referees or certified head referees are eligible to serve in the lead assistant referee position at official matches.

  • At the start of the 2016-17 season, tier 1 head referees need to re-take the head referee written test. They do not have to complete a field test. Tier 2 head referees need to re-take the head referee written test and pass a new field test. Tier 3 head referees need to re-take all three referee written tests (head referee, snitch referee, and assistant referee) and pass a new field test.
  • Head referees who are selected as tier 1 this summer can continue to referee in the 2016-17 season, provided they pass their written test, regardless of tier status last season. At any point after Jan 1, 2017, they may undergo a field test to order recertify for the following season. If they pass, their certification will extend by another year, provided they also re-take the head referee written test in the 2017-18 season. Tier 1 head referees from the 2016-17 season who do not complete a field test between January-June 2017 will have to completely recertify at the start of the 2017-18 season along with tier 2 and 3 head referees.
  • To become a certified lead assistant referee, individuals must pass all three written referee tests and purchase a referee membership. At USQ regional and national championships, certified head referees will be given scheduling preference for lead assignment referee assignments over those who are certified as lead assistant referee only.
  • Any new referees, or those who have previously completed the assistant referee test or snitch referee test must pass these two written tests before continuing on to the head referee written test, the referee membership registration, and the field test.
  • As of September 21, 2015, referee candidates will not be paid for their field tests. The field test proctors are ultimately responsible for the success of the game throughout the duration of the test, and so they should receive the $15 per game payment from the event directors. If the candidate passes, they may officiate as a certified referee and receive $15 in payment after they receive their official results. Field tests conducted prior to this date are not affected by this change.

Please note that being a certified head referee is an ongoing responsibility. You are expected to maintain standards at all times and your referee certification is subject to examination and withdrawal at any time based on professionalism and performance as a referee.


Please note that the adjusted compensation amounts go into effect for all official games beginning July 1, 2016.

  • Head referees: $15/official game. $20/game at USQ regional and national championships.
  • Lead assistant referees: $10/official game.
  • Snitch runners: $8/official game.