US Quidditch Cup Open Division Grant


USQ will review applications to provide a grant to a collegiate team planning to compete in the open division of US Quidditch Cup 13. It is not a tournament format, and no champion will be crowned in this division. It will be an opportunity for teams of all levels to be able to participate in the national championship and gain experience against opponents from different regions. This relates directly to USQ’s strategic plan, which has a focus on providing more competitive opportunities for all members. 

This grant covers the registration cost for your team for USQ Cup 13. Any questions can be directed to


A registered member team with USQ. Team must be part of the collegiate division, and must have competed at a USQ Regional Championship during the 2019-20 season. Teams that have already received a member grant from USQ within the previous two seasons are ineligible to apply. 


Complete applications will be evaluated by impartial USQ staff and member services department volunteers.


To apply, please fill out the application found here. Applications are due by March 12, 2020. 

If helpful to review questions in advance of filling out the form, they are listed below.

  • Please express why your team is interested in this grant. What is the need for your team?

  • What fundraising programs has your team taken to meet financial needs? What fundraising efforts are planned for the future?

  • Has your team ever competed at US Quidditch Cup before? Why or why not?

  • How will an opportunity to compete at the open division of US Quidditch Cup further the development of your team?

  • Where does your team expect to be in five years? Competitively? Financially? 

  • What has your team done to involve itself with the community? How does your team plan on giving back to its community in the future?

  • One letter of reference, preferably from a regional representative, conference leader, or school club advisor/administrator.