West Fantasy 2019

This year's West Fantasy is going to include ref education clinics for aspiring HRs, LARs, and snitches as well as go over the basics for ARing and SRing. Our goal is to help elevate the quality of West referees (as well as the quantity). We will have ref team members and certified snitches holding these clinics.

We will be offering the opportunity to field test to become an HR and snitch proctoring to become a certified snitch.

We will be using the most current rulebook that is out at the time of the tournament.

All participants will either need to be registered with the USQ as a player or referee for the upcoming season or will pay a higher tournament fee

Player sign-up

GM sign ups


Non playing Volunteering

Attending Official Member Teams



Scores from official games at this event submitted to the USQ website will be displayed here. Please report any errors to gameplay@usquidditch.org.

Date Team A Score Team B Duration