USQ 2022 Southwest Regional Championship - Club Division

At LaGrange Soccer Park

In Partnership with Visit Lake Charles

Admission is free and open to the public! We encourage guests to RSVP via Eventbrite. Attendees can also chose to support USQ by paying an admission fee - a pay what you can donation.

Stay and Play

Important update: USQ Host Hotels- there will be no host hotel for this championship. Teams can choose any hotel within Lake Charles, LA. Hotels can be found here.

Attending Official Member Teams

Gulf Coast Gumbeaux  (Roster)
Houston Cosmos Quidditch Club  (Roster)
Pegasus Quidditch Club  (Roster)
Quidditch Club Dallas  (Roster)
Texas Cavalry  (Roster)
Texas Hill Country Heat  (Roster)


Scores from official games at this event submitted to the USQ website will be displayed here. Please report any errors to

Date Team A Score Team B Duration
2022-02-19  Houston Cosmos Quidditch Club  145* - 160  Gulf Coast Gumbeaux  00:33:02  
2022-02-19  Quidditch Club Dallas  115* - 140  Gulf Coast Gumbeaux  00:37:36  
2022-02-19  Texas Cavalry  150 - 110  Pegasus Quidditch Club  00:28:24  
2022-02-19  Texas Hill Country Heat  225* - 80  Gulf Coast Gumbeaux  00:24:08  
2022-02-19  Houston Cosmos Quidditch Club  50 - 215*  Pegasus Quidditch Club  00:23:42  
2022-02-19  Quidditch Club Dallas  50 - 245*  Texas Hill Country Heat  00:26:42  
2022-02-19  Texas Cavalry  225* - 50  Houston Cosmos Quidditch Club  00:25:30  
2022-02-19  Gulf Coast Gumbeaux  60 - 155*  Pegasus Quidditch Club  00:23:42  
2022-02-19  Texas Cavalry  175* - 100  Texas Hill Country Heat  00:34:17