US Quidditch Cup 12

US Quidditch Cup is USQ’s premier event of the season held at the Round Rock Multipurpose Complex in partnership with Round Rock, the Sports Capital of Texas


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All games on pitch 1 are livestreamed on USQ's YouTube channel

Updated Schedule

In response to the weather forecast, USQ has made some schedule changes to Saturday and Sunday. Read more here

Follow the Action

Learn more on how to watch games from home and more in this article!

Team Registration

Information on team registration deadlines and other important information for competing athletes is available here


Tickets are on-sale now here. Early bird pricing is available through December 24. Online pre-sale is from December 25-April 6, and prices begin at $10. General admission is from April 7 onward. 

Officiate and Volunteer

We are looking for volunteers! To sign up to volunteer and/or officiate, email Full information on volunteering is available here

Volunteers who work three or more hours in one day will receive complimentary admission to the quidditch tournament on that day. Volunteers who work six or more hours in one day will receive complimentary lunch on that day. A free volunteer t-shirt will be provided to all public-facing volunteers, as well as to any volunteers who work three or more hours. 


If you have questions about general volunteer things, email If you have questions specifically about officials, email

For questions about the event, contact

Learn more on the full event website here

Attending Official Member Teams

Anteater Quidditch  (Roster)
Appalachian State Quidditch  (Roster)
Arizona State University  (Roster)
Atlantic Dragons  (Roster)
Austin Quidditch  (Roster)
Ball State Cardinals  (Roster)
Bay Area Breakers  (Roster)
Baylor University  (Roster)
Bobcat Quidditch  (Roster)
Boom Train  (Roster)
Bosnyan Bearsharks  (Roster)
Boston University Quidditch  (Roster)
Bowling Green State University  (Roster)
Brandeis Quidditch  (Roster)
Cal Quidditch   (Roster)
Carnage Quidditch  (Roster)
Central Michigan Quidditch Club  (Roster)
Creighton Quidditch  (Roster)
District of Columbia Quidditch Club  (Roster)
Duke University Quidditch  (Roster)
Florida Gulf Coast Quidditch  (Roster)
Florida State Quidditch  (Roster)
Gamecock Quidditch  (Roster)
Grand Valley Quidditch  (Roster)
Harvard Horntails  (Roster)
Houston Cosmos Quidditch Club  (Roster)
Illini Ridgebacks Quidditch  (Roster)
Illinois State University Firebirds  (Roster)
Iowa Quidditch Club  (Roster)
James Madison University Quidditch  (Roster)
Kansas Quidditch  (Roster)
Lock Haven University Quidditch  (Roster)
Lone Star Quidditch Club  (Roster)
Los Angeles Gambits  (Roster)
Macaulay Honors College Marauders  (Roster)
Maryland Quidditch  (Roster)
Miami University (OH) Quidditch  (Roster)
Michigan Quidditch Team  (Roster)
Michigan State Quidditch  (Roster)
Middlebury College Quidditch  (Roster)
Minnesota Quidditch  (Roster)
Mizzou Quidditch  (Roster)
Nearly Headless Knights  (Roster)
New York University Quidditch  (Roster)
Ohio University Quidditch Club  (Roster)
Penn State Quidditch  (Roster)
Philadelphia Freedom Quidditch Club  (Roster)
Quidditch Club at Virginia Tech  (Roster)
Quidditch Club Boston  (Roster)
Rain City Raptors  (Roster)
Raptor Quidditch at the University of Utah  (Roster)
Richmond Quidditch  (Roster)
RIT Dark Marks  (Roster)
Rochester Hailstorm  (Roster)
RPI Quidditch  (Roster)
Rutgers University Quidditch  (Roster)
Silicon Valley Vipers  (Roster)
SIUE Quidditch Club  (Roster)
Southern Illinois University   (Roster)
Southern Storm  (Roster)
Syracuse Snare Quidditch Club  (Roster)
Terminus Quidditch Atlanta   (Roster)
Texas A&M Quidditch  (Roster)
Texas Cavalry  (Roster)
Texas Hill Country Heat  (Roster)
Texas Quidditch  (Roster)
Texas State University - San Marcos  (Roster)
Texas Tech Quidditch Club  (Roster)
The Fighting Farmers of America  (Roster)
The Long Beach Funky Quaffles  (Roster)
The Lost Boys  (Roster)
The Rogues  (Roster)
The Silver Phoenix  (Roster)
The Warriors  (Roster)
Tufts University Tufflepuffs  (Roster)
Twin Cities Quidditch Club  (Roster)
University of California Los Angeles  (Roster)
University of Florida Quidditch Club  (Roster)
University of Rochester Thestrals  (Roster)
University of South Florida Quidditch  (Roster)
Utah State Quidditch Club  (Roster)
UTSA Club Quidditch   (Roster)
Virginia Quidditch Club   (Roster)


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