The Gruesome Twosomes Summer Fantasy 2015

Ever wanted to GM with your partner in crime? Well now's your chance! The Gruesome Twosomes Summer Fantasy tournament will take place July 18 in the Tri-State area. 
How does a fantasy tournament work? 
+ Simple! You sign up via Google doc and a slew of general manager pairs--selected by the organizing committee--will aim to create the best team possible by bidding on players in an auction-style draft. 

How does a GM duo work? 
+ Firstly, all GMs MUST be playing. Each team will begin the draft with the pair listed as players. When it comes time to draft, you will both be present and hold drafting abilities. During the tournament, you two will serve as co-captains. 

Will players sign up as pairs?
+ Players will sign up individually. We are still determining whether or not drafting pairs of players will come into play somehow. 
Sign up sheets and more information will be released closer to the date.

Attending Official Member Teams



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