Nittany Invitational

Penn State will be hosting our annual Nittany Invitational on October 12th, 2019! It will begin with pool play and end with bracket play to determine a champion.

We are looking for USQ official teams and are hoping to host a 8 team tournament. Please fill out the interest form below!


Gameplay schedule

USQ note: This event has been approved for the dedicated TD waiver. It is permitted to use TDs who have another role during the event. However, a non-playing TD must still be available at all times. More information on the dedicated TD waiver is available on our Gameplay Policies and Form page. 

Attending Official Member Teams

Drexel University Quidditch Club  (Roster)
Johns Hopkins Quidditch Club  (Roster)
Penn State Quidditch  (Roster)
RIT Dark Marks  (Roster)
RPI Quidditch  (Roster)
Rutgers University Quidditch  (Roster)
Syracuse Snare Quidditch Club  (Roster)
University of Rochester Thestrals  (Roster)


Scores from official games at this event submitted to the USQ website will be displayed here. Please report any errors to

Date Team A Score Team B Duration
2019-10-12  Rutgers University Quidditch  30 - 120*  Penn State Quidditch  00:23:21  
2019-10-12  Syracuse Snare Quidditch Club  130* - 60  Drexel University Quidditch Club  00:18:09  
2019-10-12  Johns Hopkins Quidditch Club  90* - 150  Drexel University Quidditch Club  00:28:14  
2019-10-12  Syracuse Snare Quidditch Club  60* - 110  RIT Dark Marks  00:18:52  
2019-10-12  Syracuse Snare Quidditch Club  170* - 30  Johns Hopkins Quidditch Club  00:21:09  
2019-10-12  Rutgers University Quidditch  60 - 120*  RIT Dark Marks  00:18:32  
2019-10-12  Penn State Quidditch  190* - 10  Drexel University Quidditch Club  00:23:59  
2019-10-12  Penn State Quidditch  160* - 30  Johns Hopkins Quidditch Club  00:21:57  
2019-10-12  Rutgers University Quidditch  100 - 110*  University of Rochester Thestrals  00:24:07  
2019-10-12  Penn State Quidditch  140* - 170  RIT Dark Marks  00:36:43 (OT) 
2019-10-12  Penn State Quidditch  90 - 110*  University of Rochester Thestrals  00:25:54  
2019-10-12  Syracuse Snare Quidditch Club  0 - 150*  Rutgers University Quidditch  00:18:00