King of the Pyramid - A Dylan Kendall Heaney Tournament

With past tournaments such as The Jim Mitchell Memorial Hoedown, The Brendan Patrick O'Connor Memorial Hoedown, and The Build-A-Baer Workshop Richmond Quidditch presents the King of the Pryamid - A Dylan Kendall Heaney Tournament. This aims to be an 8-12 team USQ official tournament for college and community teams. It will take place on March 23, 2019 on the IM Fields at the University of Richmond.

Attending Official Member Teams

George Mason Club Quidditch  (Roster)
Penn State Quidditch  (Roster)
Richmond Quidditch  (Roster)
Syracuse Snare Quidditch Club  (Roster)
Virginia Quidditch Club  (Roster)


Scores from official games at this event submitted to the USQ website will be displayed here. Please report any errors to

Date Team A Score Team B Duration
2019-03-23  Richmond Quidditch  140^ - 70*  Syracuse Snare Quidditch Club  00:22:34 (OT) 
2019-03-23  George Mason Club Quidditch  60 - 150*  Penn State Quidditch  00:20:14  
2019-03-23  Penn State Quidditch  110 - 70*  Syracuse Snare Quidditch Club  00:23:47  
2019-03-23  Virginia Quidditch Club  220* - 20  Richmond Quidditch  00:23:45  
2019-03-23  Penn State Quidditch  70 - 170*  Virginia Quidditch Club  00:28:47  
2019-03-23  Virginia Quidditch Club  180* - 40  George Mason Club Quidditch  00:18:15  
2019-03-23  George Mason Club Quidditch  150* - 70  Syracuse Snare Quidditch Club  00:24:01