Chicago United Quidditch Invitational

Chicago United Quidditch Club is pleased to announce its first tournament. This will be an offical USQ tournament and hopefully an annual one for years to come. The city of chicago needs more quidditch and wants you to be apart of something magical. Please keep an eye out for interest forms and FB events to come!

Attending Official Member Teams

Boom Train  (Roster)
Chicago United Quidditch Club  (Roster)
Columbia College Chicago Quidditch  (Roster)
Michigan Quidditch Team  (Roster)
University of Toledo Quidditch  (Roster)


Scores from official games at this event submitted to the USQ website will be displayed here. Please report any errors to

Date Team A Score Team B Duration
2018-10-06  Michigan Quidditch Team  280* - 80  Columbia College Chicago Quidditch  00:28:47  
2018-10-06  Chicago United Quidditch Club  20 - 200*  Boom Train  00:19:50  
2018-10-06  Michigan Quidditch Team  220* - 10  University of Toledo Quidditch  00:18:25  
2018-10-06  Boom Train  170* - 40  Columbia College Chicago Quidditch  00:18:44  
2018-10-06  Chicago United Quidditch Club  150* - 140  Columbia College Chicago Quidditch  00:29:45  
2018-10-06  Boom Train  260* - 0  University of Toledo Quidditch  00:20:31