USQ’s Expand Quidditch Initiative

Photo by Chris Rothery

USQ’s youth team is working to facilitate its newest project: The Expand Quidditch Initiative. This initiative aims to organize leaders and members of the community towards a more holistic approach to USQ event planning for official and unofficial events across all levels of the sport with the following goals: 

  1. Lowering the barriers of entry into our sport
  2. Growing the number of players in our community
  3. Providing more USQ sponsored playing opportunities year-round 


Adaptive Non-Contact Rulebook

A new adaptive rulebook (removing full-contact) is being constructed that focuses on simplifying the rules of the sport while keeping the game fun and exciting for all ages of play. You can review the current summary here: [Adaptive Rulebook Summary] It is important to emphasize that this new rulebook is not solely for “youth” players but for anyone who wants to participate in our community. 

“Quidditch being a full-contact sport has been a primary selling point for many individuals over the course of its history. While this can be exciting to both play and watch it also acts as a barrier for entry for a lot of newer players. We hope that long-time veterans and newer players of all ages can enjoy this alternative ruleset designed to emphasize passing and communication while still capturing the spirit of the game we all know and love!” shares Michael Rodriguez, USQ Youth Team Lead.

These changes supplement the standard USQ rulebook and can be a great stepping stone for teams to introduce quidditch fundamentals slowly before implementing full-contact. Adaptive versions of quidditch allow for diverse groups of ages and skill levels to play together safely in smaller spaces (often on hard indoor surfaces) in ways that make sense when traditional large grass field pitches are unavailable. 

Over the next few months USQ will be organizing a variety of events across different regions to ensure the community has multiple opportunities to experience these rules in competitive and non-competitive environments! 

This rulebook has been under development for the past two years and has had multiple playtest sessions, but we would love for more players and teams across the country to try them out and share their thoughts. We highly encourage experimenting with these changes as an exercise or during unofficial matches this summer. 

We ask any feedback on this rulebook to be emailed to:

Sport Expansion

By reducing barriers to entry within our sport, we hope to inspire the next generation of quidditch athletes before entering the college or club level. USQ is taking proactive steps to develop a new system of resources and infrastructure to support and promote quidditch events across the country. 

This new system will seek out, create, and cultivate both youth quidditch and other non-contact playing opportunities with an emphasis on consistent and regularly-recurring events. As a part of this program, USQ’s youth team is working diligently to pinpoint opportunities to promote quidditch in underserved areas of the country. 

A major component of this new system is the evolution of our outreach and development program. USQ will be providing in-person programs for both students in school and professional development opportunities for teachers. Certified USQ Development Instructors will be paid a minimum per hour fee to teach quidditch at participating schools, camps, and special events. 

If you are interested in participating and learning more about the USQ Development Instructor certification program when it becomes available, please fill out this [Interest Form]

We expect this program to be launching in the 2022-23 season!

The Future

The USQ youth team has expanded significantly over the last year, growing from just two members to six as of April. As the team grows and takes on additional responsibilities, we are always looking for driven and passionate individuals who want to help promote the expansion of quidditch within their local community and larger region as a whole. 

If you are interested in joining the USQ Youth Team, please apply via our [Volunteer Page].

With an increased emphasis on cultivating youth quidditch, USQ will be expanding its grant opportunities so that even more youth teams can get off the ground flying faster and higher than ever before! USQ will also be releasing its free P.E. curriculum this fall as a resource for all educators to use when introducing quidditch at their schools or programs.

If you believe your school or organization would be interested in collaborating with USQ to teach quidditch to students or teachers during a professional development day, please complete this: [Quidditch Education Inquiry Form].

As new teams are formed across the country, USQ will look to expand the types of events we support to accommodate unofficial tournaments, including but not limited to Fantasy Tournaments! 

USQ will also be establishing an official system for registering and creating recreational or fantasy leagues for any number of games during the year. The format and size of these can vary depending on player interest, but USQ will be taking a more direct hands-on approach in providing logistical support and promotion.

We will share more details about the Expand Quidditch Initiative over the next few months, but we hope this sneak peek can excite the entire quidditch community for what is to come!