Register for the 2020-21 Season

We are opening registration for the 20-21 season now. Membership options are below.

paid Team & Player Memberships

  • Team membership: $250
    • The team registration fee is being increased to accomodate for the decrease in coach and referee membership costs. 
    • Registration for regional championships is also still included in team memberships. There are no additional membership fees for those events. 
  • Adult player membership: $70
    • Through June 30, individual player memberships can be purchased at this season’s price of $60 per person. 
  • Trial player membership: $10
    • Next season, trial memberships can be prorated into the cost of an adult player membership. Players who have purchased a trial can upgrade to full membership for $60.
  • USQ Cup 14 team registration fee: $450

Free Team & player memberships

Paid referee membership


paid fan membership

  • Fan membership: $50
    • Includes two weekend passes to USQ Cup, quarterly email newsletter with exclusive updates on USQ events, teams, and ways to get involved, and seasonal discounts on USQ merchandise.


How to Register

To register for this season, visit our membership page or click on the membership you are interested in above to visit the page directly. 


What if I don't know what team I'm playing for this season? Can I still purchase membership?

Yes! Team affiliation is not binding, and we only ask for the purposes of tracking internally.

Can I buy a bulk order of memberships, even if I don't know who they will be used for next season? 

Yes! You can purchase as many memberships as you would like. You don't need to know who they will be used for yet. Later in the season, we will issue membership codes and the purchaser can hand them out to whomever needs them on their team. You can even buy memberships to give to people on more than one team. We're flexible!

When do I need to register for the 2020-21 season in order to qualify for nationals?

In previous seasons, teams had to pay the team registration fee and register at least 7 players by September 30 in order to count for bid allocation. For the 2020-21 season, in order to be eligible for nationals, teams need to be registered by February 19, 2021. 

Where can I learn more about updates to the season regarding COVID-19?

You can learn more by clicking here.