Team Registration for Regional Championships

Player information on this page:

This page contains information on how to register for USQ regional championship or circuit event. Please note that the process for collegiate and club teams is very similar. 

Once events and the 2020-21 season officially starts, specific dates and locations for circuit events will be finalized. Club teams attending a USQ circuit event can expect to have the same registration deadlines as the regional championship the circuit is being held at. To learn more about COVID-19 updates from USQ, please click here


All deadlines are at 11:59 pm ET, except for the roster deadline. Rosters are due 24 hours before the start time of each event.

For a team to compete at a USQ regional championship or circuit event, it must be registered for the tournament at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

The schedule of club circuit events will be available at a later date.

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, USQ is not hosting fall regional championships this season. More information is available here.





Registration Deadline (Hotel Information Due)

Friday, January 29

Friday, February 5

Friday, February 12

Team Logo Submitted (optional)

Sunday, January 24

Sunday, January 31

Sunday, January 31

Trading Cards Submitted (optional)

Sunday, January 24

Sunday, January 31

Sunday, January 31

Additional Team Staff Submitted (optional)

Friday, February 12

Friday, February 19

Friday, February 26

Rosters Due

Friday, February 12

Friday, February 19

Friday, February 26

First day of Competition

Saturday, February 13

Saturday, February 20

Saturday, February 27


For a team to compete at a USQ regional championship or circuit event, it must be registered for the tournament at least 2 weeks prior to the event. For collegiate and  club teams, there are no season play requirements for circuit events.

Teams must be official USQ teams before registering for one of these events.

As with previous seasons, a spreadsheet with all teams’ current registration status will be available, once events have officially started. 

The following items are required:

  1. Fill out the registration form here (link will be added when events are allowed). For teams wanting to attend more than one regional or circuit event, they can either select which events they want to go to and fill out the form en masse for all of them, or submit separate registration forms for each event. 
  2. Register for the event on the calendar. To request attendance, have a team admin login to the USQ website. Then, go to the appropriate event calendar link. Click the blue button that says Request Attendance.  Please note that calendar events for club circuit events won’t be posted until a later date. 
  3. Reserve hotel rooms and notify USQ of your hotel arrangements. (More information on our stay and play policy will be updated September 1)

Teams must also complete the membership requirements listed here to be eligible to compete officially in all events, not just USQ hosted regional and national championships. These requirements include:

  • Having a fully certified coach at least 24 hours before the start of your team’s first official match of the season
  • Completing the team referee and snitch runner requirements. 
    • If your team is competing at a fall regional championship, you must complete the team referee and snitch runner requirements by the season play deadline for that specific event. 
    • If your team is competing at a spring regional championship or not going to a regional championship at all but still an official member team, you must complete the requirements by either the season play deadline for the final fall regional championship, or one month after your team registers for the season, whichever comes later.
  • For collegiate teams, submitting proof of enrollment for all the players at the beginning of the season (at least 24 hours before the start of the first event they are competing in officially).

Lastly, there are three optional registration steps a team may do:

  1. Designate additional team staff
  2. Submit trading cards for players
  3. Submit a logo


USQ is working with the host cities for fall and spring regional championships to finalize room blocks with hotels, and information on rates will be available over the next couple of weeks. Teams can expect to pay between $75 and $130 a night, excluding tax. 

Due to restrictions caused by COVID-19, USQ is has reduced the limits on their stay and play policy for the 2020-21 regional championships. A revised stay and play policy and hotel reservation process has been updated here.


The team orientation packet contains important information for team leaders, coaches, and players. It will contain a list of all policies attendees need to be aware of, as well as a detailed schedule for the weekend. It will also have details about the area. The team orientation packet will be available by the following dates:

  • South: Monday, February 8
  • Southwest: Monday, February 15
  • West: Thursday, February 22

Additional Team Staff

If your team is bringing any additional staff that would like to have access to the player area during games, please fill out this form(link will be added when events are allowed) by the roster submission deadline for the event your team is attending. 

Trading Cards

Players, coaches, referees, snitch runners, and event staff are invited to submit a trading card. Cards will be printed, assembled into randomized packs, and available for purchase at USQ events. To submit a card, fill out the form below. Here are some important guidelines to be aware of:

  • Cards will feature your team's logo, if it was submitted. If your team did not submit a logo, it will feature the regional logo (more information on the team logo form is available below). 
  • If you do not submit proper photo credit, your card will not be printed. Cards featuring graphics or logos that you do not have permission to use will not be printed. 
  • All card submissions must be family friendly, G rated. Cards with bad language will not be printed, including those using asterisks to spell out a bad word. 
  • High resolution is preferred. Cards with photos that are too pixelated may not be printed. If you want to crop your photo, do so to 2.75" wide x 3.75" tall. 
  • Rare card submissions should be done through this form. A rare card can be many things. It could be a tribute to a particular player or group of people, a shout out to a group of friends, a photo of a quidditch pet, a reference to an inside joke, etc. Please note that rare cards must follow the same policies as the other cards, including being family friendly. Not all rare card submissions will be printed. USQ staff curates them with an eye towards variety and relatability. 
  • The majority of cards will be of players. Only rostered players are permitted. 
  • A limited number of cards for referees, snitch runners, event staff, and non-playing coaches will be printed, along with rare cards. 
  • Please submit one form per card. 

Here are the deadlines. The form links will be available at the end of September. 

  • South: due Sunday, January 24 at 11:59 pm ET
  • Southwest: due Sunday, January 31 at 11:59 pm ET
  • West: due Sunday, January 31 at 11:59 pm ET

Also, we are looking for up to date team logos for everyone competing! You can submit your team’s logo here (link will be added when events are allowed).

Player Check in and Captains’ Meetings

Player check-in will happen at select hotels on Friday evening. We encourage teams to check in at the appropriate hotel on Friday night in order to avoid possible delays at the tournament site Saturday morning. Any players, coaches, or non-playing staff that do not check in on Friday evening must check in on Saturday morning. Any player who has not yet checked in will not be permitted to enter the fields, nor will they be permitted to play in any games until they have completed the registration process. Players who violate this policy are at risk of disqualifying their entire team from the event.

Captains’ meetings will be held at the the same hotels as player check-in. Each meeting will be between USQ event staff and the captains. It is mandatory that captains attend one of the meetings. If no representative from your team will be able to attend any of these meeting times, please let us know in advance via email at During this meeting, USQ event staff will provide an overview of the event, describe tournament-specific policies, and answer questions. Each team is required to send at least one (and no more than three) representative(s) to the meeting.  


Information on the gameplay format for each regional championship will be available on the following dates:

  • South: Wednesday, February 3
  • Southwest: Wednesday, February 10
  • West: Wednesday, February 17

South Regional Championship Gameplay Format

This information will be available on Wednesday, February 3.

Southwest Regional Championship Gameplay Format

This information will be available on Wednesday, February 10.

West Regional Championship Gameplay Format

This information will be available on Wednesday, February 17.


Information on how to sign up to officiate and/or volunteer is available here. For questions about officiating, please email For volunteering, please contact

Team Provided Referees and Snitch Runner

Teams are required to provide referee crews and a snitch runner to help fill several game slots. If a team does not fulfill their referee and snitch runner obligations or their referees and snitch runner do not show up for their games as assigned, they will be subject to forfeit for all remaining games of the tournament. More information on team requirements for officials is available here


Do you have any feedback about the event? Please fill out our event survey here!

Referee evaluations may be submitted by coaches, players, other referees, spectators, or event staff. Please use this form to submit a review for any referee (including head referees, lead assistant referees, assistant referees, or snitch referees).

Please use this form to submit a snitch evaluation.

If you have any other feedback or more lengthy thoughts after the event, we encourage you to reach out to us at