Circuit Events

Starting with the 2019-20 season, the club division will shift from being a regional structure to a circuit structure. This means teams are no longer required to attend regionals. To learn more details about the change in structure, click here.

2019-20 Circuit events





Auto-Bid Event?

Crimson Cup VI September 28, 2019   West No
Oktoberfest Invitational October 5, 2019   Northeast Yes
Neverland Classic October 12, 2019   West Yes
Second Annual Chicago United Invitational II October 19, 2019   Midwest No
Diamond Cup VII October 19, 2019   Southwest No
Norcal by Northwest 2 October 26, 2019   Northwest No
Big Peach Invitational November 23, 2019   South No
Long Beach Invitational December 7, 2019   West No
Crescent City Invitational December 7, 2019   Southwest Yes
Heroes vs Villians Invitational January 18, 2020   West No
Brooms on the Brazos January 25, 2020   Southwest No
New Kids on the Block: Hoot & Howdy Brawl February 29, 2020   South Yes
North Texas Mini series 2- Electric Boogaloo February 29, 2020   Southwest No

2019-20 usq-hosted circuit events





USQ 2019 Northeast Club Circuit Event October 26-27, 2019 Northeast  No
USQ 2019 Mid-Atlantic Club Circuit Event November 9-10, 2019 Mid-Atlantic No
USQ 2019 West Club Circuit Event February 22-23, 2020 West No


Who can attend a circuit event? 

Circuit events are open to any USQ club division members. Teams are permitted to attend multiple circuit events in different regions. You are not restricted to just events in your own region.

How do I register to host a recognized circuit event?

Events throughout the season can apply for recognition as part of the circuit system. If the event meets the minimum requirement, club vs. club games at that event can be eligible for bonus points (see the season play requirements section above for more information). 

  • At least 2 club teams competing officially at the event
  • At least 1 game that is an official club team vs. another official club team
  • The gameplay format is emailed to at least one week in advance of the event. TDs are encouraged to send it further in advance when possible.  
  • The event must apply for and be approved for event sanctioning. The requirements for this are listed here

To apply for circuit recognition, the Tournament Director should fill out the event sanctioning form and confirm on the first page of the form that they are interested in circuit recognition. If you already submitted your event for event sanctioning prior to the announcement of the circuit structure, please email

A limited number of events are able to apply to have the club champion of their event automatically receive a bid to the national championship. In order for an event to be selected as an auto-bid event, it must have circuit recognition and apply for auto-bid status. To apply, email once your event has been approved as a sanctioned event. 

Minimum requirements

In addition to the requirements for circuit events listed above, auto-bid events must meet the following requirements: 

  • At least 6 club teams competing officially at the event
  • The champion must have played against at least 5 different club teams at the event
  • The tournament must use the USQ tiebreakers
  • The gameplay format is emailed to at least two weeks in advance of the event, and it must be approved. TDs are encouraged to send it further in advance when possible, and recommended to send it in as soon as the format is determined.  
    • Any changes to the gameplay format must be immediately sent to the USQ Gameplay Department.
    • USQ reserves the right to decline to designate an event for an auto-bid if the gameplay format is determined to be unfair or below league standards.

If these requirements are met, then the club champion - either the champion of the entire event if they are a club team, or the champion of the club division if collegiate and club teams are competing separately - will be awarded an auto-bid.

Deadlines and other information

Eligible fall events must apply for auto-bid status either one month before their event, or by October 23, 2019, whichever comes first. Eligible spring events are encouraged to apply for an auto-bid as soon as the event format is determined, as it helps teams to more effectively plan for the season. Spring events must apply no later than February 5, 2020. 

If a team has already received an auto-bid at a previous circuit event and then wins another event that has auto-bid, there will be no auto-bid awarded at that second event. It does not drop down to the second place team. 

Teams who receive an auto-bid are still required to meet the season play requirements by March 1, 2019, but will not be part of the rankings-based qualification process. 

If a team drops and tournament is below 6 club teams, or otherwise fails to continue to meet the requirements for an auto-bid event, that tournament/team is no longer able to get an auto-bid. If the circuit event requirements are still met, the competing teams would still be eligible for the circuit bonus points, but the winning team would not receive an auto-bid.

Are there any season play requirements to compete at a circuit event?

Teams do not need to complete any season play requirements in order to compete at any circuit or USQ-hosted circuit event. Teams are permitted to attend multiple USQ-hosted circuit events in different regions. You are not restricted to just events in your own region.

There are season play requirements for the season as a whole in order to be eligible to compete at USQ Cup. Details can be found by clicking here.

 How do season play requirement game points work at circuit events?

As part of the overall season play requirements which must be completed by March 1, 2020, a team must have a total of 14 game points. Points are earned from:

  • Any official game = 1 point.
  • Events with circuit recognition, club vs club games = 1.5 points.
  • USQ-hosted circuit events, club vs club games = 2 points.
  • Bonus points from circuit recognized events only apply for up to 5 games per event.
  • There is no additional reward for teams who complete over 14 game points.

To view all club division season play requirements, click here.

How does a club team qualify for US Quidditch Cup from a circuit event?

There are 2 ways to qualify for USQ Cup, which will consist of 24 adult club teams.

  • Auto-Bid
    • A limited number of circuit recognized events will be able to apply to have the club champion of their event receive an auto-bid for USQ Cup 13. These are listed below as they are identified.
  • At-Large Bid
    • Starting with the top ranked team, remaining bids not filled by auto-bids will be awarded to teams who have fulfilled season play requirements based on ranking once rankings are frozen on March 1, 2020. This will continue until all bids have been distributed.
    • Teams will have until Friday, March 6, 2020 to accept the bid.

What other important information should I know about circuit events?

For a club team to compete at a USQ-hosted circuit event, it must register for the tournament by the deadlines outlined here.

Club teams are able to travel to circuit events in different regions, and can compete in multiple events - there is no maximum. You are not restricted to just events in your own region. There is also no season play requirements you need to fulfill in order to attend these events. Teams who have already received an auto-bid are also welcome to attend. USQ's stay and play policy will be in effect at USQ-hosted circuit events.

If at least 6 club teams are present, the event can become an auto-bid event. However, there is no minimum number of club teams required for the event to happen in general.

How do I know what other teams are attending a circuit event?

Once a team has registered for a circuit event, their name will be listed on the event calendar listing for that tournament.