• Team membership: $250
    • The team registration fee is being increased to accomodate for the decrease in coach and referee membership costs. 
    • Registration for regional championships is also still included in team memberships. There are no additional membership fees for those events. 
    • You must complete an individual membership first before signing up for a team membership.
  • Adult player membership: $70
    • Through June 30, individual player memberships can be purchased at this season’s price of $60 per person. 
  • Trial player membership: $10
    • Next season, trial memberships can be prorated into the cost of an adult player membership. Players who have purchased a trial can upgrade to full membership for $60.
  • USQ Cup 14 team registration fee: $450





  • Fan membership: $50
    • Includes two weekend passes to USQ Cup, quarterly email newsletter with exclusive updates on USQ events, teams, and ways to get involved, and seasonal discounts on USQ merchandise.


Register for the 2020-21 season

Registration for this season is now available on the website. Click one of the membership options above to learn more.

In previous seasons, teams had to pay the team registration fee and register at least 7 players by September 30 in order to count for bid allocation. For the 2020-21 season, in order to be eligible for the national championship, teams need to be registered by February 19, 2021. 


USQ offers two types of membership:

  1. TEAM MEMBERSHIPS: for college or club team registration. 
    1. You must complete an individual membership first before signing up for a team membership.
    2. Please note that all memberships (individual & team) will always expire on June 30.
    3. Please note that youth teams are only eligible for a free membership/non-competitive membership at this time.
  2. INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIPS: for players, non-playing coaches, non-playing team staff, referees, snitch runners, and fans.
    1. Please note that all memberships (individual & team) will always expire on June 30.
    2. Please note that youth player individual membership is not available at this time.

For pricing, benefits, eligibility requirements, and more, click one of the 'membership options' provided at the top of this page. USQ membership is non-refundable and non-transferable. Membership pricing is available on each membership type page.



US Quidditch membership is open to teams and individuals residing within the United States of America. Teams and individuals residing in other countries should seek to register with their respective quidditch national governing body. If, throughout the season, it is discovered that a team or individual is not located within the USA, then that team or individual will be at that point barred from the league without refund or eligibility to participate in further events. Any official games played by this team throughout the season will be disqualified.

 In order to be eligible to compete, at least one of the following must be true of the player:
- Hold citizenship.
- Have lived in the country for at least three years.
- Have played quidditch only in the US.

Individuals who have split residency and live part-time in the United States may be granted an exception to compete on a USQ team on a case-by-case basis. Exceptions will be based on proof of split residency, extenuating circumstances, and discussion with the other country's national governing body as applicable. Requests for an exception must be submitted by email to Requests for an exception will be evaluated within two weeks of submission, and the exception must be granted before the player registers for USQ membership. 

Proof of Enrollment

All players on a collegiate team must attend the same school and must submit proof of enrollment to before participating in an official game.  Players may submit either an official proof of enrollment from their school’s registrar or an official class schedule showing the player’s full name and that the date of the course falls within the current season. Additional forms of proof of enrollment may be accepted on a case-by-case basis. If a player graduates or ceases to be enrolled at their school mid-season, they will not be permitted to play on that collegiate team after their enrollment at that school ends. To see the original announcement, please click here. An example for what to submit for enrollment can be found by clicking here.
When should I submit enrollment? Does it ever expire?
Enrollment needs to be submitted twice a season if you plan to compete in official games for the entire season. If you only plan to compete in official games for part of a season, you only need to submit enrollment for that period of time. When you sign up for membership, you should submit your enrollment after that, or as soon as your class schedule becomes available. 
Enrollment submitted in the fall expires December 31 of that year. Enrollment submitted in the spring expires at the end of the USQ season.

Cheating on USQ Certification Quizzes

Any attempt to subvert the 24 hour waiting period when taking Classmarker certification quizzes (including those for referees, coaches, snitch runners, and tournament directors) will result in a season-long suspension of that person’s coach, referee, and/or snitch membership, along with the revocation of all certifications for that season. The offender will also be suspended as a player for one game.

Tests are required to be attempted under the name matching that of the tester’s USQ account. Using a false name is considered attempted cheating. The use of nicknames is permitted. If you need to change the name on your account, please email

If a player cannot be identified by USQ staff, the coach will be contacted to identify them. As coaches are responsible for the conduct of their team, the coach will be suspended as a coach for one game if they cannot identify which player on their team cheated on their certification test.

Refund/Credit for memberships

We are adjusting our refund policy for memberships in the 2020-21 season. If a team registers for the current season and then is unable to play due to COVID-19, then their team and player fees will be available as a credit for future seasons. This credit policy will also be extended to player and referee memberships as well. If a player or referee does not participate in a single official game in the current season, they may request that their membership be applied to the following season. 

Partial refunds may be available on a case by case basis and the amount will depend on what USQ activities the team or member has participated in.


If you have any issues or questions about the membership process, please email