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How do I register as an official team?

To become an official team, check out our team membership page. Please note that before you purchase a team membership, you must have at least one player or non-playing staff membership purchased first. This will then provide that person access to ‘upgrade your membership’ to register for your team membership. You are also welcome to email membership@usquidditch.org

What is a trial membership? How do I buy a trial membership?

A trial membership allows someone to be added to a team roster as a new member and attend one event, excluding regionals and US Quidditch Cup.

  1. Sign up for a free account on the USQ website by clicking “Register

  2. Once you have signed up for a free account, fill out the “Purchasing a Trial Membership” info on the left side bar of this page and click “Buy Now” to fulfill the payment portion required.

  3. After purchasing your trial, USQ Staff will reach out to confirm your account has been upgraded.

To learn more about buying a trial membership please click here

How do I register as a coach?

To become an official coach, check out our coach membership page. After you complete your membership, coaches are required to:

  1. Complete NFHS concussion training,  

    1. Email a screenshot of the confirmation to membership@usquidditch.org with the email subject: "Coach Concussion Training - Your Last Name' (Example 'Coach Concussion Training - Benepe')

  2. Complete a USQ policy quiz found by clicking here.

How do I register as a player or non-playing staff?

You can visit our player & non-playing staff membership page to register.

How do I register as a snitch?

You can visit our snitch membership page to register. Once you complete your membership sign-up you will need to complete additional requirements. 

How do I register as a referee?

You can visit our referee membership page to register as a head referee or lead assistant referee. Once you complete your membership sign-up you will need to complete additional requirements.

If looking to become an assistant referee or snitch referee you only need to complete the requirements on this page here

Can I make a bulk membership purchase?

Yes! Email membership@usquidditch.org for help with a bulk purchase. Once purchased, you’ll be provided with coupon codes to distribute to your members. If your university needs an invoice or tax form in order to complete the payment process, we can provide those as well. As soon as we receive payment, we’ll set your team and individual memberships up on the website. Please note that bulk membership purchases do not include a discount.

How do I add players to my team roster?

If you have been granted administrative privileges for your team, after you login you should click “team” on your dashboard. On the right hand side, you’ll see a link for “information” and “roster”. Once you click roster, you should be able to approve or deny individual member requests to join your team.

What are the requirements that my team needs to complete as a member?

Team requirements can be found here

Which membership should I purchase if I’m a 17 year old on an adult team?

Any player on an adult team must purchase an adult membership. Anyone under the age of 18 years old must make sure their parents sign the registration waiver.

Similarly, an 18-year-old high school senior is allowed to play on their high school team.

Can players from different colleges be on the same collegiate team?

Teams can apply to participate in USQ’s joint team development program, allowing players from different colleges to compete on the same team. To learn more about options, requirements, and how to apply, please click here

Is US Quidditch Cup registration included in my membership fee?

No, a separate US Quidditch Cup registration fee will be announced during the season. Since not all teams will be competing in this event, we do not want to pass that cost on to our members who are not participating.

Is my membership fee refundable?

USQ membership, both team and individual, is non-refundable. All memberships expire on June 30.

Can I transfer my membership to someone else?

No. USQ memberships are non-transferable.

I only want to play for a few weeks as a member. Is that possible?

USQ sells seasonal memberships, not partial memberships. All seasonal memberships expire on June 30 and cannot be pro-rated. If you are interested in participating in one official event (not a regional championship or US Quidditch Cup), then you may purchase a trial player membership.

How do I submit proof of enrollment as a college player? How often do I need to do it?

All players on a collegiate team must attend the same school and must submit proof of enrollment twice per season to enrollment@usquidditch.org. The documentation must be either official proof of enrollment from their school’s registrar or an official class schedule season showing the player’s full name, the full name of the school, and the term of enrollment. Additional forms of proof of enrollment may be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Players and teams are subject to penalties for roster violations. For more information about collegiate player eligibility requirements, please click here.

Enrollment needs to be submitted twice a season if you plan to compete in official games for the entire season. If you only plan to compete in official games for part of a season, you only need to submit enrollment for that period of time. When you sign up for membership, you should submit your enrollment after that, or as soon as your class schedule becomes available. 
Enrollment submitted in the fall expires December 31 of that year. Enrollment submitted in the spring expires at the end of the USQ season.

What opportunities do you offer for youth players?

While we do not currently offer a youth membership, there are a variety of ways you can be involved with quidditch. You can learn more here

Attending Events/Regionals

What is the difference between a sanctioned event and an official event?

A sanctioned event is operated by a USQ certified tournament director (TD). 

An official event is one that is operated by USQ directly. This mainly includes regional championships, USQ hosted circuit events,  and US Quidditch Cup

If I have an issue at a tournament and want to speak to someone from USQ immediately, who do I call?

For tournament directors, you should check your email. The week of your tournament, USQ will send you the phone tree with who is on call and available to take phone calls. For members, you can check the contact page on your member dashboard, visible after you login. Phone numbers are listed there.

Where can I find information about upcoming events in my region?

Upcoming events can be found on our event calendar. You can filter the calendar to a specific region. 

What counts as an official game? Where can I find this information?

For a game to be official, they must follow a set of requirements from USQ. More information can be found here

What are the requirements that my team needs to complete for regionals?

Team requirements and registration information for regionals can be found here

Do club teams compete at regionals?

No, club teams are not required to compete at regionals. Club teams are eligible to compete at circuit events, which you can learn more about here

Where can I find scores for events?

Scores can be found on each individual event on the event calendar

What is a quidditch conference? How can I join one?

A quidditch conference is a governing body that orchestrates playing opportunities for teams in their area, development opportunities, plus tracks quidditch play throughout the season. Quidditch conferences are operated by members of the quidditch community. Both USQ official and unofficial teams are welcome to be part of these groups. To learn where conferences are located, click here.

Hosting Events

What is event sanctioning and how do I apply to host a sanctioned event?

A sanctioned event is operated by a USQ certified tournament director (TD). TD’s go through an application process to be approved by USQ and receive status as a sanctioned event. Events that are sanctioned through USQ receive insurance coverage, grant opportunities, and event operation and marketing support. To learn more about applying for event sanctioning, click here

What is a tournament director? How do I become one?

Tournament directors (TD’s) are USQ certified individuals who can host official events. TD certification is a free program, and you can learn more here

How do I add my event to the USQ calendar?

USQ's event calendar is available for official, unofficial, social, open practices, and youth workshop events to be posted by anyone. There are two ways to add your event.

  1. If you have a USQ log-in: log-in to your account, then click here to add your event.

  2. If you do not have a USQ log-in: click here to create a USQ account for free. Once created, on your dashboard click 'My Events' and then 'Create Event' to submit.

I need help finding officials for my event, how can USQ help?

You can fill out a request form here. If you have any questions or if your need is urgent (urgent meaning your tournament is this weekend and you need help ASAP), please email referees@usquidditch.org and tdcertification@usquidditch.org. This form also is available on the TD resource page.  

As a tournament director, how do I find out and apply for the auto bid process?

To apply for circuit recognition, the Tournament Director should fill out the event sanctioning form and confirm on the first page of the form that they are interested in circuit recognition. More information on hosting a sanctioned circuit event can be found here

Do you have any resources for individuals planning quidditch events?

Yes. Resources can be found on our tournament director (TD) resource page

How do I host a youth quidditch workshop?

You can learn more about hosting a youth workshop here

Circuit Events/Auto Bids

What is a circuit event? How do they work?

Circuit events are specific type of sanctioned events that offers club vs club games at increased season play points for club teams. Some circuit events can also grant a club team an auto-bid, which is an automatic bid to nationals for a club team. You can learn more about the circuit event structure and how to apply to host a circuit event here

Who participates in circuit events?

Club teams compete at circuit events.

Where can I find a list of circuit events?

You can find locations and info for circuit events on the tables found on this page here.

As a club team, how do I find out what tournaments are offering auto bids?

You can find out about what circuit events are offering auto bids on the tables found on this page here.



What happens if my team’s certified coach has to leave in the middle of a tournament?

In the case of a medical or personal emergency that arises during an event that causes a team’s certified coach to need to leave the event site, the team may continue to play without being required to forfeit their remaining games in the tournament. Please click here to learn more about this exception and when it is applicable.

What if my team’s certified coach is a player on another team at the same tournament?

A team must have a certified coach present for all of their games. If you only have one certified coach associated with your team, then they must be present for your games regardless of whether they play on another team. If your team has more than one certified coach, then you can trade off who is serving in that role, even within the same tournament.

Do you offer any coaching resources?

Yes, a coach resource guide can be found on our coach resource page


Do you have any recruitment resources?

Yes, advice and resources (including marketing tools) on recruitment and retention can be found on this page here.

Do you offer any fundraising resources or support? 

Yes, a fundraising/sponsorship info packet can be found on our team resource page. USQ also offers grants for members which can be found here. Member teams may also submit a request for fiscal sponsorship through USQ for various fundraising needs. 

Do you have any team leader resources?

Yes, a team leader guide can be found on our player resource page.

Does USQ offer grants?

Yes, information about grants can be found here

Are there any quidditch highlight or recap videos?

USQ’s youtube channel has some highlight videos and past game footage. 

Where can I learn more about safety resources for quidditch?

Player safety resource information can be found here

Are there any drills/practice resources my teams can use?

Yes, you can find drill/practice resources on our coach resource page

What is a regional coordinator? How do I find out who my regional coordinator is?

USQ breaks down the entire country into eight different regions. Regions are made up of states in close proximity to one another and help divide up competitive opportunities by region. These regions are managed by regional coordinators who are a resource for teams when there are questions related to USQ requirements, resources, region related topics, etc. To contact your regional coordinator, click here.


How does accident insurance coverage work? 

USQ players, coaches, and officials participating in official USQ matches or USQ-sanctioned events will be covered by the accident insurance policy in the case of serious injury, dismemberment, or death at the event. Care for serious injuries often costs more than an individual’s existing health insurance will cover. USQ’s accident insurance will assist after this point, supplementing an individual’s primary health insurance plan to increase the total amount of coverage.

Certain exclusions are in place, such as if the individual has been consuming alcohol prior to attending the event (or during the event) or if fire is involved, but general activity-related (i.e. quidditch) serious injuries will be covered. 

How do I file an accident insurance claim?

You can learn more about filing an accident insurance claim on this page here

What if I already have insurance?

Insurance companies will not provide general liability coverage to sports leagues unless the league has a uniform accident insurance policy in place. For this reason, we cannot allow individuals in the United States to “opt out” of that part of our new membership program.

To clarify, accident insurance is not medical or health insurance, although it does work in similar ways. USQ accident insurance coverage provided to individuals at USQ official matches and sanctioned events is not a substitute for individual health insurance. Care for serious injuries often costs more than an individual’s health insurance will cover. USQ’s accident coverage will assist in aiding an individual after this point, supplementing your existing coverage to increase the total amount for which you’re covered.

Which events does the accident insurance policy cover?

All official matches are covered by the accident insurance policy. This means all USQ-sanctioned events, and also any stand-alone official matches

Practices, scrimmages, or unofficial games are NOT covered by the insurance policy.

Can youth workshops receive insurance coverage from USQ?

If you are a USQ member, you can apply for your workshop to be a sanctioned event by filling out this form here. Being approved as a sanctioned event allows your workshop to receive liability insurance coverage. Naming an entity as additionally insured is also available by request if approved.


Where can I find gameplay forms?

Forms, such as player transfer waivers, equipment waivers, etc. can be found on the sidebar of this page here

How can I volunteer with USQ?

Please fill out our volunteer form here. You can also learn about our long-term volunteer opportunities here

Where can I find contact information for other teams near me?

You can find contact info or a ‘contact us’ form on each individual team page found here. You can also contact the regional coordinator for the area the team is located in.  

Who can I reach out to for questions that are not answered here?