Coach Membership and Certification

US Quidditch offers a comprehensive seasonal coach membership for free, which includes a certification process. The seasonal coach membership is available anytime from July 1 onward and expires the following year on June 30. If an adult player or referee would like to also become a coach, they can also upgrade their membership for free. Upgrades can be done on the 'Membership' tab of your USQ dashboard. 


COACH - $0

Included in USQ coach membership:

  1. Information to access online concussion workshop
  2. Ability to take USQ online quiz on policies and procedures
  3. Upon completion of the above, USQ coach certification
  4. Insurance coverage while coaching at USQ official or sanctioned events


To become a member:
  1. Sign up for a free account on the USQ website by clicking “Register”. If you have a free account, be sure to log-in.
  2. Once you have signed up/logged-in, go to ‘My Dashboard’ and click on ‘Membership’.
  3. Then please click ‘Upgrade My Membership’. Follow the prompts which will guide you through your membership options and help you complete your registration.
  4. You’ll be required to upload a 400x800 headshot of yourself on the first page. 

After you complete your membership:

  1. Read through the study guide.
  2. Complete the Racism 101 digital learning module from RISE. You do not need to submit proof that you watched it; the policy quiz has material from the module.
  3. Complete the free NFHS concussion training found by clicking here. Upload the certificate from the webinar to this form.
  4. Complete the USQ policy quiz. This season, there are separate quizzes for college and club coaches
    1. College coaches
    2. Club coaches

Once you complete a coach membership, to finish the rest of your team’s requirements:

  1. Visit our team membership page and follow the instructions listed.
  2. Review and complete all of the season team requirements by clicking here.


An individual can play for a maximum of one team and can coach for a maximum of one team. The team for which one plays need not be the team for which one coaches; if the two teams do differ, two separate memberships must be purchased (an individual cannot use the upgrade option when two different teams are involved). The coach member must be present when a team participates in any USQ hosted event. In this situation, the coach should join the team for which they wish to play on the USQ website and send an email to to inform the league of their intention to coach a different team. USQ will provide the dual member with a letter of approval, which must be presented at each tournament.

For questions about coach membership, email or visit our FAQ page by clicking here.

Study Guide/Handbook

To help coaches prepare for the USQ policy quiz, the leadership development team has created a study guide/handbook. It covers key USQ policies to be aware of and the responsibilities of a certified coach.