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Our sport relies on a number of athletic and intelligent individuals in order to function properly. Along with referees and players each match requires a highly skilled and entertaining snitch. The job of the snitch is to keep the snitch tail safe from the grasp of each team’s seeker while also maintaining a humorous and fun atmosphere. Snitching can be the most exciting position on a quidditch pitch, but it can also be the most difficult. Adjustments were made to the snitch certification requirements in October 2019 (which are reflected below), but to learn more please click here

Certified Snitch Database

The snitch runner database is available here



Snitch runners must register for the free snitch membership in order to be certified. If you have questions about signing up for your membership, please email


To register for a paid membership for the 2020-21 season, you can learn more here. Free memberships will be available for registration in the summer of 2020.


Snitch runners must register for the free snitch membership in order to be certified. Once you are registered, please follow the steps below:

Before October 14, 2019

  1. Pass the Snitch Runner Certification Test
  2. In addition to the above requirement, in order to become a certified snitch runner before October 14th, 2019, a snitch runner will need to:
    1. Submit film or be field tested by a snitch proctor

After October 14, 2019

  1. Pass the Assistant Referee Written Test
  2. Pass the Snitch Referee Written Test
  3. In addition to the above requirements, in order to become a certified snitch runner after October 14th, 2019, a snitch runner will need to:
    1. Submit film or be field tested by a snitch proctor

Option 1: SNITCH VIDEO SUBMISSION for certification

Snitch candidates may now submit videos on a rolling basis. You may submit any number of videos via Youtube (or a similar hosting service) to The snitch coordinators will review your footage and let you know if they would like to see more videos from you, or if there are a few areas on which you need to improve.

Submitted videos must display the following characteristics:

  1. For your first video submission, please submit a game in which you are not heavily guarded by a seeker. We want to see your skills!

  2. Film of the entire snitch’s body, from the third person perspective. A snitch referee wearing a gopro camera is perfectly acceptable, while a gopro camera on the snitch themself, is not.

  3. Game film (scrimmages and fantasy tournaments included), not drill or practice film. The game does not need to be official but does need to be officiated by at least a head referee and a snitch ref, have a score, and end with a snitch catch.

  4. Your first film must be from the current season; subsequent films may be from either the current season or the previous season.

  5. USQ snitch coordinators reserve the right to request replacement footage at any time.

After submitting the films, applicants can expect to receive a response within 2-4 weeks of submission. If you do not pass, the assessment may be completed again at any time, with the submission of two new films that were not previously submitted. Items to be evaluated include, but are not limited to:

  1. field awareness
  2. evasion techniques
  3. safety on pitch
  4. body movement and reflexes
  5. knowledge of rules and regulations

All members applying for certification will receive a detailed response from the Snitch Development Team on their films for what they did well on and what they can improve.


If you would like to receive your snitch certification before any regional championship tournament or US Quidditch Cup, please send in your videos 2-4 weeks before. 

Remember that the certification process is not complete without also passing the written test and watching the safety course.

Option 2: Snitch field testing sign-up for certification

Those who would rather complete their field test in person can do so by signing-up here

Snitch runners are paid at a rate of $8/game. Snitch field test proctors are paid the same rate for each game they observe, in place of the snitch runner payment. 

If interested in becoming a snitch field test proctor, please email


Official games are not required to use certified snitch runners. However, in the interest of expanding the snitch runner certification program, USQ will prioritize scheduling certified snitch runners over non-certified snitch runners at our regional and national championships. Any official games using a certified snitch runner must compensate the snitch runner in order for the games to count as official.