USQ Logo Use Guidelines

This policy governs use of US Quidditch’s “shield” logo and regional logos.


Official member teams may use logo in instances that include, but are not limited to, use on apparel, on posters and recruitment flyers, and on team websites. Non-official member teams may only reproduce the logo for recruitment purposes.

Outside organizations may use the logo in instances that include, but are not limited to, use on banners advertising quidditch at conventions, on posters and flyers for USQ events, and on city/CVB websites. USQ requests that those parties wanting to use the the the logo email for approval.


  1. Any reproductions of the logo must feature the design as-is, i.e. unchanged in terms of color, pattern, or shape.
    Exception: The exception to this is if the logo is reproduced in black and white; then it may appear as-is in greyscale.   

  2. Any teams using the logo for monetary gain must notify USQ by emailing

  3. The shield logo used must always be the most current, official version of the logo. A version of this is linked in the sidebar of this page.

  4. If a team currently utilizes a version of USQ logo that would not be permitted under this policy (e.g. an unofficial team featuring the logo, or an official team featuring the logo with modifications,) that team will be requested to conform their logo use to these guidelines effective immediately.
    Exception: If a team features a disallowed version of the logo on a uniform, the team will be allowed to continue to use that iteration of the logo only on that iteration of the uniform. When a new uniform design is created for the team, the team may no longer use a disallowed version of the logo. This means that if a team using a disallowed version wishes to order a new batch of jerseys for a new set of players, that team may do so, but when the entire team replaces their old jerseys with a new design, whenever that replacement occurs, the new design must conform to these guidelines.

  5. One should not be able to mistake the piece with USQ’s logo for something USQ produces.

USQ always retains ultimate ownership over the use of its logo, and the right to request that any entity, including an official member team, refrains from use of the logo. Generally, this would occur only in cases of the entity using the logo inappropriately or to represent or endorse ideals that are incongruous with the mission of USQ.

How to get the logo

Teams interested in using the USQ “shield logo” in accordance with the above guidelines may download a .png version by clicking on the link in the sidebar.

For outside organizations, to request the logo in other filetypes, or to request a regional logo, please email