Tournament Director Certification

USQ is excited to open signups for its Tournament Director Certification Program. In accordance with the official game requirements, all official games must be organized by a USQ-certified tournament director. This ensures that all official events meet USQ requirements for safety and gameplay, that tournament directors are aware of the resources available to them, and that event quality across the league continues to improve. We encourage all those running quidditch events in the U.S. to participate in our certification program. 


To become a certified TD, an individual must:

  1. Sign up for the certification program here
  2. Review this TD training manual
  3. Pass the TD certification assessment with a score of 80% or higher
    1. Typically, TDs certified in the previous season are eligible to attempt a shorter written quiz. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all TDs (regardless of previous certification) must take the full certification assessment to ensure they retained full mastery of the material.
    2. Full assessment can be taken here

The TD certification process is free. If a candidate fails the certification test, there is no fee to retake the test; candidates will just need to wait a full 24 hours before retaking the assessment. Please note that USQ's cheating policy applies to the TD certification program.



Due to COVID-19 and the possible lack of available non-playing TDs for the 2021-22 season, the TD team has updated the dedicated TD Rule for official events. Each event will still need to have a certified TD organizing the tournament. For tournaments with six or fewer teams, the certified tournament director who is organizing the event may also have another role at the event (e.g. player, referee, coach, etc.). For tournaments with more than six teams, there must be at least one certified TD who is not playing at all times. The non-playing certified TD does not need to be exclusively one person who serves in that role for the entire duration of the event. The non-played TD can change between multiple certified TDs throughout the event. 

The deadline to submit an event to the USQ calendar in the 2021-22 season is two weeks in advance of the event. When the event is submitted to the calendar, it must include any safety measures being taken by either the TD or state and local guidelines. At least one TD associated with the event must be certified by the calendar submission deadline. All other TDs must be certified at least one week before the tournament. Exceptions to this policy may be made in the case of an emergency. 

Since TDs must get 80% on the certification assessment and they must wait a full 24 hours before attempts, we very strongly suggest that you complete certification well before these deadlines. 


As mentioned above, USQ has developed a training manual for TDs.

This year’s manual has been updated to include step by step procedures on how to run a tournament from start to finish. Information covered in the training manual includes: USQ policy requirements, setting overall event goals, working with outside groups, staffing and volunteers, budgeting, logistics, gameplay, safety, hospitality, marketing, crisis management, and post-event follow up.

In addition, USQ events department staff are available to answer any questions or to offer additional training as requested by individual TDs. More information on that support is available below. 

Certified TDs will be required to know official USQ gameplay policies, and to ensure that their events abide by these policies, including safety regulations. The TD training booklet also covers best practices in the areas of gameplay, logistics and facilities management, hospitality, marketing, volunteer management. This certification is not intended to be USQ’s endorsement of every aspect of a tournament run by a certified TD; rather, the certification process is intended to make sure that game organizers understand USQ policies, and to establish a network of resources and information-sharing to increase the quality of events in the league.

To learn more about the powers and responsibilities of certified Tournament Directors, please click here.


When an event is approved on the USQ calendar, a USQ employee will reach out to confirm basic details and go over what USQ policies competing teams need to be aware of. The week before an event, a USQ employee will email TDs a list of what requirements teams need to finish in order to be eligible to compete. The pre-event email will also contain a phone tree, with the names and phone numbers of USQ employees and volunteers that TDs can contact in case of a problem or emergency. 

All TDs are invited to have pre-event interviews with USQ’s TD Support Team. Pre-event consultations are mandatory for all first time TDs. During the interview, TDs will be asked a variety of questions about their tournament and they will have the opportunity to discuss current and potential challenges. All TDs involved with a tournament are invited to attend the pre-event interview. USQ's TD team will be available throughout the event planning process for further support. 

Additional resources are available on this page

TDs will also be invited to join a special Discord channel where they will be able to talk to other TDs and those on USQ staff. This Discord channel has replaced the Slack and Facebook group that operated in previous seasons