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Quidditch is a fast-paced, contact sport created in 2005 and played in over 40 countries. A quidditch team consists of up to 21 athletes with seven players per team on the field at any one time. Each player must keep a broom between their legs at all time. Points are scored by throwing a ball (the quaffle) through any of three hoops fixed at either end of the field, while another ball (the bludger) is used to ‘knock out’ players temporarily. The snitch is the ball that must be caught to end the game. 

What Types of teams are there in usq?

US Quidditch currently offers competitive opportunities for collegiate and club teams. USQ does offer support for youth/high school teams, but no formal competitive league currently exists for this division. To see what kind of teams are near you, click here.

Are there other ways to be involved besides joining or starting a team?

Check out our get involved page to learn about more ways you can be part of quidditch!

RESOURCES for starting a team

Please check out our New Team Info Packet with resources and further advice for starting any kind of team by clicking here. Additional resources can be found here