Accident Insurance

All registered US players of USQ will be covered while playing quidditch in USQ supervised and sponsored matches and events (at the scheduled time and scheduled site) in the United States and Canada for up to $25,000 of accident medical expense benefit. The dental limit is $250 per tooth. The deductible (the amount of covered expenses that must be paid by the individual before benefits will become payable) is $5,000, and the first expense must be incurred within 90 days of the incident. Additionally, these members will be covered for up to $10,000 per death or dismemberment (with an aggregate maximum of $500,000).

Please note that this policy provides what is called “excess coverage,” which means that USQ insurance will assist in covering costs that extend beyond what your individual health insurance plan can provide. Benefits will not be provided for pre-existing injuries or conditions or for injuries that result over time (blisters, tennis elbow, etc). Benefits will not be provided for any self-inflicted injury, for injuries obtained under the influence of drugs or alcohol, for a cardiovascular event resulting from exertion, or for injuries obtained while committing a felony.


To file an insurance claim, email a detailed description of the incident and event to The member services department will review your information and send back to you a completed "Part 1" of the Insurance Claim Form on the left sidebar of this page.
(For your information, the Insurance Claim Form has been provided on the left sidebar of this page. Please do not complete this form until you have received a completed "Part 1" of the form, along with additional instructions from the Membership Department.)
If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the Member Relations Team at