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Trello Template

USQ has always strived to run smooth and successful events. One way we do that is by being as organized as possible on-site during regional and national championships. In the past year, the USQ events department began using project management platform Trello on-site to work collaboratively and efficiently with all staff members. 

Trello is a flexible and visual way to create and complete tasks. It's a project management tool that organizes tasks into boards, and in one glance, tells you what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process. Each board can be assigned to a certain staff member or team, given a due date, a description, and attach files from Google Drive.

In an effort to provide tournament directors with as many resources as possible, USQ has provided a template and tips for how to utilize Trello for their events. We have shared our tasks and schedule that we use for USQ-hosted events. TDs can use this as an outline for planning and executing their events. TDs can view the Trello template on Excel here and Trello tips here. These resources can also be useful for team leaders, especially those organizing in-person activities that follow USQ’s return to play guidelines for COVID-19.

Visit to create a free account, and to more information on how to use Trello. 


Budget Templates

We strongly recommend that you create an event budget at the start of the planning process. This budget should list all costs and all sources of revenue. There are many different ways to set up the budget document, and you should use a format that works best for you.

We have provided two different sample templates to use when creating your budget. The basic budget template is a simple spreadsheet with no specific items listed, that you can use to fill in with your event costs and revenue. The itemized budget template is a more detailed spreadsheet that lists specific items that are commonly budgeted for tournaments. Even if your tournament does not use all these items, we recommend reviewing the itemized budget to help brainstorm your event costs.


At the bottom of this section, you can find various checklists that may be helpful to you during the tournament planning process. All checklists available to download in pdf format.

Please feel free to send us an email at  f you have suggestions for additional checklists to be created!

Officials request form

Are you looking for snitch runners or referees for your upcoming tournament? Fill out this form linked here and USQ staff will assist you! Requests for officials will be revised by the TD and referee teams, who will then send out this information to the appropriate snitch runners and referees. If you have any questions or if your need is urgent (urgent meaning your tournament is this weekend and you need help ASAP), please email and

Event Incident Log

Tournament Directors should use this log for personal reference to keep track of any disciplinary actions that need follow-up during or after the event, including incidents where a player receives a straight red card, or other violations of USQ’s Fair Play Policy or Member Code of Conduct.

We recommend that TDs who use this log print multiple copies in order to have enough space to note all incidents that may arise.

Field Manager Guide

Field managers are among the most important volunteers at a tournament. At the bottom of this page, you can find a guide that details the responsibilities of the field manager position, as well as some common field manager "dos" and "don'ts."

Please feel free to share this guide with your field managers!

Medical Staff Guide - Contacting and Booking Medical Staff

We have a guide to booking medical staff in the TD Training Manual but a PDF version of the information is also available. 

Referee Evaluation Business Card Template

USQ encourages captains, players, spectators and tournament staff to submit feedback regarding their referees. In order to facilitate this process, TDs can print and distribute business card-sized copies of the below template, which is a QR code that links to the Referee Evaluation form.