Event Bidding

This information is for the last bid cycle, which covered events in the 2019-20 and 2020-21 seasons. Event bidding for future seasons will open in the fall. 

Each year, US Quidditch hosts the US Quidditch Cup (previously called “World Cup” prior to the 2015-2016 season) and six-eight regional championships. These events would not be possible without the support of host cities, who provide the infrastructure and financial support necessary to make these large-scale events a reality.

USQ regional championships and the US Quidditch Cup are the largest events of the year, with hundreds of players and thousands of spectators. Potential city hosts will have the benefits of bringing a brand-new, dynamic sport to their region, while attracting a college-aged player base that combined with our Stay and Play policy will result in a tangible economic impact.

The bid manual for 2019-20 and 2020-21 events is available here

Bid Process

Interested parties may review USQ’s bid manual for detailed information on deadlines and requirements for hosting one of USQ’s premier events: US Quidditch Cup and Regional Championships.

To initiate the bid process, interested parties should first download and review the bid manual. Potential hosts must submit the intent to bid form, along with the recommended bid snapshot and a completed bid package. Then, USQ will select finalists from among the bids received, and then will conduct site visits of all the finalist locations. The locations for events for the next season(s) will be announced in late spring or early summer.

USQ is also the primary point of contact for those interested in international quidditch tournaments, including the Pan American Games and World Cup hosted by the International Quidditch Association.

Past Events 

To see more information about the past locations of the events, please see each individual event page:

Additional Information

If you are a representative of a city or CVB interested in learning more information about USQ events or hosting an international quidditch event, or have any questions about the event bidding process, please email Mary Kimball and Sarah Woolsey at: bidding@usquidditch.org.

If you are a player whose team is interested in requesting that a local city, or your campus administration, host a quidditch tournament, please review this page: Getting Your Team Involved in the USQ Event Bid Process.