Referee Membership

USQ offers a referee membership to all those who would like to become a head or lead assistant referee for the league. Any individual who wants to attempt head referee certification must first purchase a $50 non-refundable, non-transferable referee membership to USQ.  The seasonal referee membership will expire on June 30. 

If an adult player or coach would like to also become a referee, they can upgrade their membership for a $25 upgrade fee.

Only certified head referees age 17 years and up may be paid to officiate an adult competitive quidditch game. Head referees will earn $15 per official USQ match and $20 per match at a USQ regional championship and US Quidditch Cup. Lead assistant referees are paid $10 per official USQ match.

referee — $50 — REGISTER

Anyone who has already purchased a different USQ individual membership (coach, player, or fan) for the current season may add a referee membership by paying an additional $25.

Included in USQ referee membership:

  • USQ member patch
  • Head referee written test and field testing opportunity
  • Accident insurance coverage while working at USQ official events
  • Ability to be recruited, assigned, and paid for working as a head referee at a USQ official match
  • Ability to be recruited, assigned, and paid for working as a lead assistant referee at a USQ official match.
  • Access to additional training and development resources throughout the season
  • Eligibility to be nominated for Referee of the Month award
  • Eligibility to be nominated for annual Referee of the Year award with prize of free travel and lodging to US Quidditch Cup

Visit the Become a Referee page for more information on referee certifiation and resources.