Coach Sponsorship

USQ is proud to offer six coach member sponsorships in support of its coach membership and certification requirements aimed toward increasing league knowledge and safety standards.


Applicants must be a non-playing individual who will coach a USQ member team during the 2017-2018 playing season.


Application essays will be evaluated by USQ membership staff based on need and goals for the upcoming season as demonstrated through strong writing.

We expect and encourage a variety of coaches and coaching styles to apply for this season’s sponsorship. We understand that excellent and motivated coaches might not be leading Quidditch Cup-winning teams, and the unique environment of their own team might inspire different strategies and outcomes. For this reason, we have purposely left the application essay prompt vague for the upcoming season.


A 500 word coherent and creative essay demonstrating both need and goals for the coming season should be emailed to as a PDF attachment.*

The email subject heading should read "[COACH SPONSORSHIP] LastName, TeamName. Substitute applicant last name and team name in place of "LastName, TeamName".

*The essay in whole or in parts may be used for future promotion of USQ and/or the coach certification program. Any quotes used will be attributed to the author.

Essays are due by September 22, 2017.