Event Sanctioning

US Quidditch is proud to offer event sanctioning to standardize tournament play and provide a higher standard of quality and safety for players nationwide.

USQ and Quidditch Canada members may attend USQ-sanctioned events for free. Non-members must pay $10 per person to attend a sanctioned event, which may be paid using the button on the left sidebar of this page. All official matches, including non-sanctioned events that meet the criteria for official matches, are covered under USQ's accident insurance policy. However, Quidditch Canada members will not be covered unless they pay the $10 per person registration fee.

If my event is sanctioned, what will USQ provide?

For a sanctioned event, USQ is happy to provide the following, upon request:

  • Insurance coverage – Certificate of additional insured to cover the event & facility, upon request.
  • USQ social media marketing and advertising for the event, including press contacts to promote event
  • Financial support in the form of grants, on a case-by-case basis
  • Assistance in additional planning aspects as requested

In addition, USQ sanctioned events are eligible to have referee and snitch runner field testing. More information is available here.

As a tournament host, what will I need to provide?

  • For those events with unofficial teams, a list of all participants.
  • Certified head referees ($15/game) and certified lead assistant referees ($10/game) paid the standard league fee for all games, including unofficial matches
    • For unofficial matches involving Quidditch Canada teams or players, including fantasy tournaments featuring both American and Canadian players, we will accept QC head referee certification in lieu of USQ head referee certification. Lead assistant referees will still be required. QC referees need to have passed the written QC assistant referee, sitch referee, and head referee tests to serve in the LAR role. Certified HRs and LARs must still be paid the standard league fee for these games.
  • If used, certified snitch runners paid the standard league fee for all games ($8/game), including unofficial matches
  • Facility for event including: high quality playing fields (soft turf or grass), clear field demarcation, ample on-site water, access to bathrooms, and food on-site or nearby
  • Professional, nonplaying medical staff onsite. Medical staff must be dedicated and designated in their role for the entirety of the tournament. Also, an overall injury report must be submitted after the event.
  • Standard and safe equipment: hoops, brooms, balls, and clear scoreboards
  • Logical gameplay procedures: overall structure, pool assignment, bracket seeding, tiebreaker mechanism
  • Schedule released at least one week in advance: gameplay, referees, snitches, and other volunteers
  • All tournament essentials (including those listed above) reserved and confirmed a reasonable amount of time before the tournament date. USQ is happy to provide support in securing the essentials described above, given reasonable notice.


To apply to have a tournament sanctioned by USQ, the tournament director must submit an application no later than one month in advance of the event, though applications received after that point will be considered on a case by case basis. After submitting the form below, the TD(s) will receive an email to set up an interview with USQ staff. The interview will take 30-60 minutes and consist of reviewing the application and event, going over the event sanctioning program in general, and answering any questions the TD(s) may have.

If financial support is requested, applications must be received by the following dates:

  • For events September 15-October 31: August 30, 2018
    • Grants will be awarded starting the week of September 3.
  • For events November 1-December 31: September 13, 2018
    • Grants will be awarded starting the week of September 17 .
  • For events January 1-February 28: November 15, 2018
    • Grants will be awarded starting the week of November 19.
  • For events March 1-April 30: January 17, 2019
    • Grants will be awarded starting the week of January 21.

For best consideration, TDs are encouraged to submit their sanctioning application as early as possible.

Please note that there is limited financial support available for events outside of the September 15-April 30 time frame, and applicants hosting events between May 1 and September 14 are encouraged to apply at least three months in advance.

If approved for sanctioning, a full event budget must be submitted to USQ no later than two weeks in advance of the event.

If financial support is requested, a full itemized event budget, including both expenses and revenue, must be submitted with the application along with a statement of need and purpose for the requested funds, specifying the amount of funding requested. Financial support provided by USQ is intended to be supplementary funding that should not replace other primary sources of funding, including team accounts, registration fees, and local donations. Funds are awarded based upon available regional funding, evidence of need, and quality of proposal. Typical awards of financial support range from $150-$300 and are generally used towards tournament essentials including field reservations and medical staff costs.






Turtle Cup VII September 30, 2017 Mid-Atlantic
Crimson Cup IV September 30, 2017 West
Turner Valley Challenge Event October 7, 2017 Mid-Atlantic
6th Annual Lumberjack Invitational October 21, 2017 West
Monmouth Open October 21, 2017 Mid-Atlantic
Cavalier Cup October 28, 2017 Mid-Atlantic
The Golden Bear Invitational October 28, 2017 West
Long Beach Invitational November 17, 2017 West
The 1st Annual Lucien Weiss Invitational December 2, 2017 West
Alamo Cup IV January 27, 2018 Southwest
Heroes vs Villains Invitational January 27, 2018 West
Midwest Winter Fantasy V January 27, 2018 Midwest
Anthill Smackdown III: The Last Seeker February 10, 2018 West
The Fourth Annual Founder's Cup (of Gold) March 17, 2018 Mid-Atlantic
Falcon Cup March 31, 2018 Great Lakes
The Harry Greenhouse Memorial Invitational March 31, 2018 Mid-Atlantic

2016-2017 Sanctioned Events

Event Name

Event Date


Northeast Regional Fantasy August 6, 2016 Northeast
West Fantasy August 6-7, 2016 West
Crimson Cup III September 24, 2016 West
Turtle Cup VI October 8, 2016 Mid-Atlantic
Keystone Cup III October 8, 2016 Mid-Atlantic
Midwest Warmup October 22-23, 2016 Midwest
Lone Star Invitational December 3, 2016 Southwest
Threaux Me Something Mister Quidditch Expeaux December 3, 2016 Southwest
Midwest Winter Fantasy IV January 28, 2017 Midwest
Heck in a Tote Bag Classic March 4, 2017 Mid-Atlantic
Roanoke Harry Potter Festival May 13, 2017 Mid-Atlantic

2015-2016 Sanctioned Events

Event Name

Event Date


Gruesome Twosomes Summer Fantasy July 18, 2015 Northeast
New Jersey Fantasy Tournament August 15, 2015 Mid-Atlantic
Turtle Cup September 26, 2015 Mid-Atlantic
Spooky Spectacular October 4, 2015 Mid-Atlantic
Keystone Cup II October 10, 2015 Mid-Atlantic
Cowboy Cup V October 10, 2015 Southwest
Wolf Pack Classic IV October 17, 2015 Southwest
Keep Quidditch Weird December 5, 2015 Northwest
New Jersey Round Robin III December 11, 2015 Mid-Atlantic
Anthill Smackdown January 16, 2016 West
Scottish Highland Games January 16-17, 2016 South
Midwest Winter Fantasy January 23, 2016 Midwest
Bat City Showcase January 30, 2016 Southwest
Dan Hanson Invitational III January 30-31, 2016 West
Cat City Invitational March 5, 2016 Northeast
NCQC Community Finale March 19, 2016 West
St. Mary's Tournament May 6, 2016 Mid-Atlantic

2014-2015 Sanctioned Events

Event Name

Event Date


Oktoberfest Invitational October 11, 2014  Northeast 
3rd Annual Diamond Cup October 11, 2014 Southwest
The Keystone Cup October 18, 2014 Mid-Atlantic
Cowboy Cup IV October 18, 2014 Southwest
3rd Annual Wolf Pack Classic October 25, 2014 Southwest
South Bay Spookfest October 25, 2014  West 
Northeast Classic  October 25-26, 2014   Northeast 
Renegade Cup November 15, 2014  South
Next Best West 2  November 22, 2014   West 
Snow Cup V January 2-3, 2015 West
Scottish Highland Games January 17, 2015 South
The L.A. Open January 17-18, 2015 West
Midwest Winter Fantasy II February 7, 2015 Midwest
Alamo Cup February 7, 2015 Southwest
Dan Hanson Invitational II March 14, 2015 West
Midwest Fantasy: Pre-Split edition June 6-7, 2015 Midwest
2nd Annual Steel City Fantasy Tournament June 13, 2015 Mid-Atlantic
West Fantasy 2015 June 20-21, 2015 West
Gotta Train 'Em All 2 June 27, 2015 Mid-Atlantic