USQ Member Awards

For the past several years, USQ has done an award program for teams who attended US Quidditch Cup. We also used to do specific member awards at the end of every season. Due to the impacts of COVID-19, USQ Cup 13 has been canceled, but that doesn’t mean that there are no awards to give out! We are bringing both programs back this year, and merging them under one umbrella of member awards. There will be three categories of awards, for teams, events, and players. 

Please view previous winners below; for more detailed information, you can review past years' complete nominees information in the sidebar. 

Team Awards

Best Chant Award

For the most fun, exciting pregame chant

2019-20: Macaulay Honors College Marauders

Best Uniform Award

For the best display of team branding and spirit in the form of uniforms

2019-20: Emerson College


For a commendable demonstration of fair play, generosity and integrity on and off the pitch

2019-20: Bosnyan Bearsharks, The Lost Boys Quidditch Club

2015-16: Rutgers University Quidditch

2014-15: George Mason University, WWU Wyverns

2013-14: Texas A&M University Quidditch

2012-13: University of California Los Angeles

2011-12: Vassar College


For outstanding efforts in giving back to the community and helping the sport grow

2019-20: New York Nocturns

2014-15: Hofstra Flying Dutchmen

2013-14: Hofstra University

2012-13: N/A

2011-12: Tufts University

Event Awards

List coming soon!

Former Awards


For furthering the USQ mission of creativity, community, and competition

2015-16: Community High School of Arts & Academics

2014-15: Portland Augureys

2013-14: Tennessee Tech Quidditch

2012-13: University of Ottawa

2011-12: Boston University


For the most impressive accomplishments in a year one member team

2015-16: Rochester United

2014-15: The Warriors

2013-14: Lone Star Quidditch Club

2012-13: Lost Boys Quidditch Club

2011-12: Briarcliff Nearly Headless Nicholas Cages


For the most powerful visual and physical presence

2015-16: Kansas Quidditch

2014-15: TC Frost

2013-14: Winthrop University Quidditch

2012-13: Northern Arizona University Narwhals

2011-12: Emerson College

Brand Excellence Award

For the team with the strongest sense of brand

2015-16: Lone Star Quidditch Club

2014-15: Lost Boys Quidditch Club


For the most successful quidditch community social event of teh year run by a team or group of teams*

2013-14: Scottish Highland Games by Central Florida

2012-13: McGill Quidditch’s “Yule Ball”

2011-12: Purdue University’s “Yule Ball”

*Formerly known as the “Better than the Weasley/Delacour Wedding” Award


For the most creative and successful fundraisier

2013-14: Utah Crimson Fliers’ Quidditch Trading Cards

2012-13: Utah Crimson Fliers’ Quidditch Trading Cards

2011-12: Marquette University’s t-shirt sale

*Formerly known as the “Money is Might” Award


For the most successful quidditch tournament run by a team or group of teams.

2015-16: Bat City Showcase hosted by Lone Star Quidditch Club

2013-14: University of Maryland’s “Turtle Cup III”

2012-13: University of Maryland’s “Shell-Shocking Spectacular”

2011-12: University of Maryland’s “Shell-Shocking Spectacular”

*Formerly known as the “Better than the World Cup” award


For the greatest distance traveled

2012-13: Perth Phoenixes 


For the team that faced and fought through the toughest hurdles throughout the year all while maintaining a positive attitude.

2011-12: Purdue University