Tournament Director Certification

USQ is excited to open signups for its Tournament Director Certification Program. In accordance with the 2016-2017 official game requirements, all official games must be organized by a USQ-certified tournament director. 

For tournaments with four or fewer teams, the certified tournament director who is organizing the event may also have another role at the event (e.g. player, referee, coach, etc.). For tournaments with five or more teams, the certified TD must be a dedicated TD who does not have any other role at the event. The exception to this is at tournaments that are co-run by multiple certified TDs who have each been heavily involved in the planning of the event. In this case, only one of these TDs must be a dedicated TD at any given time.

To sign up for the TD certification program, please click here. after signing up, you can view the training video at this link

Why is tournament director certification required?

In order to ensure that all official events meet USQ requirements for safety and gameplay, that tournament directors are aware of the resources available to them, and that event quality across the league continues to improve, every official event this season must be organized by someone who has received USQ tournament director certification.

What is the TD certification process?

The TD certification process consists of three steps.

1. All candidates wishing to attempt TD certification must sign up for the TD Certification Program at the link above.

2. After signing up for TD Certification, candidates must watch the TD Certification training video in its entirety. The video lasts roughly one hour. 

3. After watching the video, candidates will be given a link to take the TD Certification Assessment. Candidates may take the assessment at any time, but it must be completed before your event begins and requires a perfect score of 100% to pass. If a candidate does not pass the assessment, they must wait a full 24 hours before reattempting the exam.

How far in advance of an official match or tournament must a candidate for tournament director be certified?

USQ recommends that candidates sign up for the TD certification process no later than 4-6 weeks before their event is scheduled to take place. Candidates should keep in mind that the certification process is not immediate and that in order for their tournament or matches to count as official, they must have both watched the hour-long training video and passed the assessment with a perfect score before the event. In particular, all events that include official matches must be submitted to the USQ events calendar no later than two weeks in advance of the event date. (It is not required that TDs complete the certification process before submitting their event to the calendar.)

Are experienced tournament directors required to receive USQ certification?

Yes, anyone who wishes to host any number of official games this season must receive USQ TD certification. While USQ understands that there are numerous members of the community with reputations for organizing outstanding events, the certification process is designed to accommodate candidates of all levels of experience. 

What information is covered during TD certification?

Information covered in the training video includes: USQ policy requirements, setting overall event goals, working with outside groups, staffing and volunteers, budgeting, logistics, gameplay, safety, hospitality, marketing, crisis management, and post-event follow up.

The trianing video lasts roughly one hour. In addition, USQ events department staff will be available to answer any questions or to offer additional training as requested by individual candidates.

Is a certified TD required for a single official match between two teams?

Yes. Even though a single match is not technically a “tournament,” the USQ-certified TDs will be trained in gameplay policies, rules, and safety requirements that are important for all official matches, so every official match, regardless of context, must have a certified TD present.

What are the expectations of certified TDs?

Certified TDs will be required to know official USQ gameplay policies, and to ensure that their events abide by these policies, including safety regulations. The TD training video also covers best practices in the areas of gameplay, logistics and facilities management, hospitality, marketing, volunteer management. This certification is not intended to be USQ’s endorsement of every aspect of a tournament run by a certified TD; rather, the certification process is intended to make sure that game organizers understand USQ policies, and to establish a network of resources and information-sharing to increase the quality of events in the league.

To learn more about the powers and responsibilities of certified Tournament Directors, please click here

Is there any additional cost to become a certified TD?

The TD certification process is free. If a candidate fails the certification test, there is no fee to retake the test; candidates will just need to wait a full 24 hours before retaking the assessment.

Questions about the certification program can be directed to