Team Fundraiser Fiscal Sponsorship

The ability to apply for a limited fiscal sponsorship for fundraising projects is a membership benefit offered to US Quidditch official member teams. In exchange for following the terms of this program, a team may use US Quidditch’s 501c3 tax exempt status in support of their fundraising project.

  • All fundraising projects must relate to the mission of US Quidditch to advance the sport of quidditch by organizing events and programs that build community and empower all genders to compete together.

  • Fundraising projects must be approved one month in advance of the project date in order to be eligible for fiscal sponsorship from US Quidditch. Requests for fiscal sponsorship within one month of the proposed project may be approved on a case-by-case basis.

  • The fiscal sponsorship is limited in scope to the specific activities outlined in the scope of the fundraising project. The fiscal sponsorship terminates after the completion of the outlined project.

  • The team must provide a clear outline of the scope of the fundraising project that would take place under the fiscal sponsorship. Required details include:
    - Team name
    - Team authorized representative name and contact information (email, phone number, and address)
    - Location(s) of fundraising project
    - Date(s) of fundraising project
    - Activities taking place as part of the fundraising project
    - Required organization documentation from the host of the fundraising project (if applicable), as well as any agreements with the funding organization
    - Payment procedures from the host of the fundraising project (if applicable)
    - Estimated funds to be collected through fundraising project

  • Any changes to the scope of the fundraising project must be immediately communicated to USQ. If the scope of the project is changed without USQ’s knowledge, the sponsorship may be terminated immediately.

  • A fiscal sponsorship agreement must be signed by the team’s authorized representative prior to any activities taking place as part of the fundraising project.

Teams who have questions or are interested in applying for fiscal sponsorship should email Executive Director Sarah Woolsey at and copy