Strategic Planning

US Quidditch underwent on a six-month strategic planning process in order to re-evaluate the organization’s mission, vision, and values; establish long-term goals; and set a short-term action plan to achieve those goals.

Strategic Planning


Strategic planning is an essential business tool for nonprofits that allows all of an organization’s stakeholders—in our case, board, staff, volunteers, members, players, donors, and fans—to identify where the organization wants to be in the future and to decide how it will get there.

At this point in our young sport’s development, strategic planning is critical for future success. There are many long-term questions that need to be answered, and those answers will affect the choices that US Quidditch makes in order to get there. How big is “too big” for a regional championship? How will teams eventually qualify for these regional championships? How can conferences be better integrated into the league? How can we ensure official team growth in order to keep the sport popular? How can we develop a robust referee community? How can we expand quidditch into other age groups? How can we grow our organization sustainably to reach those goals?

The Final Plan

USQ Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan One-Pager

The release article for the plan can be found here.

The Process

These questions are only the beginning. The product of USQ’s strategic planning process will be a three-year plan, spanning from the 2015-16 season to the 2017-18 season, with five to six major objectives and numerous strategies, tactics, and benchmarks for achieving those objectives.


Information Gathering: December through Mid-March

During the information gathering phase, US Quidditch will solicit the input of a diverse group of stakeholders in order to gain a complete picture of the organization’s current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, as well as each group’s goals and hopes for USQ’s development in the future. This will be done by collecting survey results and conducting focus groups on eleven core topics.

Synthesis and Mission, Vision, and Values: Mid-March through Mid-May

In the second phase, USQ will analyze all of the data gathered during the information gathering phase and use it to determine common goals among stakeholder groups that will form the basis of the plan’s objectives. USQ will also evaluate and update, if necessary, its mission, vision, and values statements. These are the roadmap for any nonprofit and will be the first step of a completed strategic plan.

Agree on Priorities: Mid-May through June

In the third phase, USQ staff will develop strategies, goals, and timelines for meeting each objective and put together a rough draft of the completed plan, which will be approved by the USQ board of directors.

Get Involved

Fill out our survey

US Quidditch has over 3,500 individual members, and we would like at least 30% of them to fill out this 30-45 minute survey to help with strategic planning. The survey can also be filled out by volunteers, fans, donors, and supporters.

Participate in a Focus Group

USQ will be conducting 11 different focus groups from December - mid-March to gain targeted feedback on many topics and issues that are important to the league's growth and development.

We are looking to get feedback from a broad variety of stakeholder demographics, from member and unofficial players to volunteers, coaches, referees, fans, and donors. If you are interested in participating in our focus groups, please fill out the interest form.

Focus groups will take place over a conference call line and will last for 90 minutes maximum. All responses will be treated anonymously and will be kept confidential.

Focus group topics are:

Competitive Structure of Quidditch
Expanding Quidditch to Different Age Groups
External Communications
Gameplay Changes
Improving Internal Communication (Internal/Volunteers only)
Partner Relationships
Policy Development and Announcement (Internal/Volunteers only)
Representation of Teams
USQ’s Mission and Purpose
Volunteer Environment (Internal/Volunteers only)
Volunteer Management and Accountability (Internal/Volunteers only)