Rules Adaptations for Kids

Play for young children should emphasize sportsmanship, with no unecessarily rough beating and absolutely no physical contact. 



  2. Try to keep kids in their chosen positions.

  3. Lead good examples of and encourage sportsmanship.

  4. NO TACKLING. Super serious about this one, guys.


  1. All players on the pitch (except the snitch) must be holding a broomstick between their legs whenever they are playing. 
  2. Only keepers and chasers can touch the quaffle.

  3. Only beaters can touch the bludgers.

  4. Only the seeker can catch the snitch.

  5. Keepers can play like a chaser but also need to remember to guard the hoops.

  6. If you are beat/hit with a bludger, you must drop whatever you are holding, get off of your broom, run back to the hoops, and tag the hoops before getting back in the game.

  7. The quaffle is worth 10 points and the snitch is worth 30 points. Once a team catches the snitch, the game is over.