If you do not see your question addressed here, please email membership@usquidditch.org and we will help you with an answer!

Bulk membership purchase
Member roster
Individual membership
Excess accident insurance coverage
US Quidditch Cup registration

Can I make a bulk membership purchase?

Yes! Email membership@usquidditch.org for help with a bulk purchase. Once purchased, you’ll be provided with coupon codes to distribute to your members. If your university needs an invoice or tax form in order to complete the payment process, we can provide those as well. As soon as we receive payment, we’ll set your team and individual memberships up on the website. Please note that bulk membership purchases do not include a discount.

How do I add players to my roster?

If you have been granted administrative privileges for your team, after you login you should click “team” on your dashboard. On the right hand side, you’ll see a link for “information” and “roster”. Once you click roster, you should be able to approve or deny individual member requests to join your team.

Which membership should I purchase if I’m a 17-year-old on an adult team?

Any player on an adult team must purchase an adult membership. Anyone under the age of 18 years old must make sure their parents sign the registration waiver.

Similarly, an 18-year-old high school senior is allowed to play on their high school team.

How does accident insurance coverage work?

USQ players, coaches, and officials participating in official USQ matches or USQ-sanctioned events will be covered by the accident insurance policy in the case of serious injury, dismemberment, or death at the event. Care for serious injuries often costs more than an individual’s existing health insurance will cover. USQ’s accident insurance will assist after this point, supplementing an individual’s primary health insurance plan to increase the total amount of coverage.

Certain exclusions are in place, such as if the individual has been consuming alcohol prior to attending the event (or during the event) or if fire is involved, but general activity-related (i.e. quidditch) serious injuries will be covered. 

What if I already have insurance?

Insurance companies will not provide general liability coverage to sports leagues unless the league has a uniform accident insurance policy in place. For this reason, we cannot allow individuals in the United States to “opt out” of that part of our new membership program.

To clarify, accident insurance is not medical or health insurance, although it does work in similar ways. USQ accident insurance coverage provided to individuals at USQ official matches and sanctioned events is not a substitute for individual health insurance. Care for serious injuries often costs more than an individual’s health insurance will cover. USQ’s accident coverage will assist in aiding an individual after this point, supplementing your existing coverage to increase the total amount for which you’re covered.

Which events does the accident insurance policy cover?

All official matches are covered by the accident insurance policy. This means all USQ-sanctioned events, and also any stand-alone official matches.

Practices, scrimmages, or unofficial games are NOT covered by the insurance policy.

Is US Quidditch Cup registration included in my membership fee?

No, a separate US Quidditch Cup registration fee will be announced during the season. Since not all teams will be competing in this event, we do not want to pass that cost on to our members who are not participating.

How do I get a refund?

USQ membership, both team and individual, is non-refundable. All memberships expire on June 30.

I don’t want to be a member any more. Can I give my membership to a friend?

No. USQ memberships are non-transferable.

I paid for my team’s individual membership in bulk. Does that mean if one of my players stops playing I can transfer their membership to someone else?

No; a USQ membership, once assigned, belongs to the specific individual and is non-transferable.

I only want to play for a couple weeks. What do I pay?

USQ sells seasonal memberships, not partial memberships. All seasonal memberships expire on June 30 and cannot be pro-rated. If you are interested in participating in one official event (not a regional championship or US Quidditch Cup), then you may purchase a trial player membership.

How do I submit proof of enrollment if I am a collegiate player?

All players on a collegiate team must attend the same school and must submit proof of enrollment twice per season to enrollment@usquidditch.org. The documentation must be either official proof of enrollment from their school’s registrar or an official class schedule season showing the player’s full name, the full name of the school, and the term of enrollment. Additional forms of proof of enrollment may be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Players and teams are subject to penalties for roster violations. For more information about collegiate player eligibility requirements, please click here.