US National Team - 2018



The US National Team staff received 145 complete applications for the 2018 USNT. After extensively reviewing essays, film, scouting reports and training camp performances, 25 were chosen to represent the United States and quidditch on the biggest stage in 2018.

USNT staff would like to thank all those that assisted and attended the USNT Training Camps. The next stage of the process will be selecting the 25-person roster and additional USNT staff that will compete in Florence, Italy and continuing fundraising efforts.

As previously announced, this team will be led by USNT Head Coach Michael “Yada” Parada and USNT Assistant Coach Aryan Ghoddossy. The USNT Coordinator is Amanda Dallas. We are also pleased to announce that five-time IQA/USQ Cup champion Augustine Monroe will serve as playing captain.


Joshua Andrews | Utility - Texas Cavalry
Jayke Archibald | Keeper - Quidditch Club Boston
Andrew Axtell | Chaser - Lake Erie Elite
Julia Baer | Chaser - Bosnyan Bearsharks
Martin Bermudez Jr| Chaser - Texas Cavalry
Kaci Erwin | Chaser - Texas Cavalry
Bailee Fields | Beater - Texas State University
Harry Greenhouse | Utility - Quidditch Club Boston
Samuel Haimowitz | Chaser - Texas A&M Quidditch
Max Havlin | Beater - Quidditch Club Boston
Rachel Heald | Chaser - Kansas Quidditch
Quincy Hildreth | Chaser - Terminus Quidditch Atlanta
Jackson Johnson | Beater - Lone Star Quidditch Club
Luke Langlinais | Chaser - Lone Star Quidditch Club
Lindsay Marella | Chaser - The Warriors
Nicholas Marino | Chaser - Texas Quidditch
Augustine Monroe | Keeper - Texas Cavalry
Mercedes Natali | Chaser - Nomads
Hallie Pace | Beater - Texas Quidditch
Vicky Sanford | Beater - Arizona State University
Cole Travis | Beater - Texas Cavalry
Tyler Trudeau | Keeper - Bosnyan Bearsharks
Simón Van der veen Quant Arends Jr. | Chaser - Texas Cavalry
Tyler Walker | Beater - Lake Erie Elite
Lulu Xu | Beater - Quidditch Club Boston


Jenna Bollweg | Chaser - Texas State University
Leeanne Dillmann | Beater - Bosnyan Bearsharks
David Fox | Utility - Bosnyan Bearsharks
Jacob Parker | Chaser - Mizzou Quidditch
Perry Wang | Beater - University of Rochester Thestrals

The list of alternates above is in alphabetical order by last name and is not an indication of the order in which a player would move to the primary team. In the event that one of the players is unable to attend and compete in the event, an alternate player will be moved up to the main team roster. Each specific replacement will be determined by USNT coaching staff based on the specific needs of the team at that time.