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Additional Resources

Rules Explainers and Clarifications

The resources below are available in this Google Drive folder.

Head-beat Explainer

Link to folder with resources

With the new rules focused on head-beats, the USQ Referee team put together a few resources to help referees and players understand the rule and how it will be called on the field. The video explainer, done by USQ Referee team’s Rules team liaison Chris LeCompte, goes over 5 main points surrounding the rule: 1, the definition of a head-beat; 2, the steps a referee should take after seeing a potential illegal headbeat; 3, the priority list for calling a head-beat illegal; 4, the purpose of the rule; 5, the enforcement of the rule. The flowchart and group of questions, also known as the priority list, go together. The flow chart puts the questions in situations and defines if they are legal or illegal, while the questions are designed for referees to be able to quickly recall the order of priorities when determining if the head-beat was legal.

Delay of game and Advantage procedures

Link to one sheet

The USQ Referee team has noticed a large difference in the way in which both delay of game and advantage are called by different referees across the sport and country. To make it more equitable we have written the new standards for how these fouls should be called. This will not only allow for these rules to be called the same across the country but it also allows for clarity for the teams and players.