Membership Guide

Congratulations on becoming a member of US Quidditch! Our individual membership program will provide you with the tools you need to succeed in all of your quidditch endeavors, whether that involves starting your own team, training with the most competitive players, or developing a fast-growing kidditch program.

USQ individual membership program will allow the league to better understand and communicate with our players and fans, maintain league-wide liability and accident insurance, and provide services, events, and perks that benefit each and every player. This program will allow us to sustain an operating budget to help the sport thrive, and is modeled after a number of successful sports leagues. 

As an individual member of USQ you are entitled to:

  • Insurance coverage while participating in USQ-sanctioned events in the U.S. 
  • Eligibility to compete in official tournaments and to participate in all USQ-sanctioned events (if you’re a player)
  • Free registration for regional championships
  • Participation rights in league-wide polls that influence rules changes, membership and more

Additional details can be found in the rest of this guide. Please direct any questions or concerns to me at the email address listed below. We’re looking forward to an exciting season! Brooms up!


Eric Schnier
USQ Membership Director