US Quidditch understands that the high costs associated with a traveling and competitive sports team can seem insurmountable, especially to newer and smaller groups. For this reason, we are very excited to offer a number of membership grant opportunities for our member teams. Grants will be awarded within two weeks of the application deadline. The team sponsorship grant winners will be selected before the bid allocation registration deadline, which is September 30.


We offer a Starter Kit equipment grant, offering one first year team the opportunity to receive a full set of tournament-ready equipment, complete with the first aid kit all teams should have readily available. Starter Kit applications are due by September 21, 2018.


We are proud to announce our Team Sponsorship, allowing two already registered member teams to apply to receive funding to fill out the rest of their roster. Team Sponsorship applications are due by September 21, 2018.


Finally, we have a Coach Sponsorship, available to six eligible coaches. Coach Sponsorship applications are due by September 21, 2018.

Questions about this year's grants and the grant process can be directed to


As announced in February, all South regional teams who attended the South Regional Championship will be eligible to apply for one of 14 team registration grants for the 2018-19 season, due to the early cancellation of the event. The grant is valued at $150, and will be applied to a team’s registration fee.

In order to apply for this grant, please have your team administrator email with your team name, and a confirmation that your team is planning to re-register for the 2018-19 season. You will be issued a code eligible to be redeemed for a team membership. 

Let the Kids Play Grants

As mentioned in the June 2018 League Updates article, we will be posting information at the start of the season with information on how eligible teams can apply for an equipment grant, as well as a full report on funds raised during the campaign.

The Let the Kids Play fundraising initiative is aimed to assist new college or high school teams with startup costs. Grants through this program will provide hoops to selected new teams.