South Regional Championship

South Regional Championship 2018

Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Munny Sokol Park North
February 10-11, 2018
In partnership with Tuscaloosa Tourism & Sports

Teams from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Tennessee will have the opportunity at the USQ South Regional Championship for the opportunity to attend the national championship, the US Quidditch Cup. Last season, Florida’s Finest defeated Carolina Heat to take home their second South Regional Championship title in Columbia, South Carolina. Will Florida’s Finest keep their streak in the newly created community division? Who will claim the title of collegiate champion? Come to Tuscaloosa, Alabama in February to find out!

For information about registration requirements, gameplay format, and more details geared towards teams, please visit the player information page. For information about events for kids and attending the event as a spectator, please visit the spectator information page. For information about officiate and volunteer opportunities, please visit the volunteer information page.

General event information on this page:


The general schedule is below. Please note that the order of games listed in each time slot is not an indication of pitch assignments. On Saturday, games will begin at 8:00am CT and will end at 7:15pm CT. On Sunday, games will begin at 8:00am CT and will end at 5:00pm CT. Following the final round of games on Sunday, medals will be presented to the first and second place teams in each division.

Community teams
The shortened name to the right of the team name is the name used in the schedule below.

Florida’s Finest - Finest
Gainesville Siege - Siege
Southern Storm - Storm
Terminus Quidditch Atlanta - Terminus

Collegiate teams
The shortened name to the right of the team name is the name used in the schedule below.

College of Charleston - CofC
Florida Gulf Coast Quidditch - FGCU
Florida State Quidditch - FSU
Gamecock Quidditch - Gamecock
Nearly Headless Knights - Knights
Quidditch Club at the University of Tennessee Knoxville - Tennessee
University of Florida Quidditch Club - Florida
University of Miami - Miami
University of South Florida Quidditch - USF
USM Quidditch - USM


8:00am - CofC vs. Florida, Knights vs. Tennessee, Miami vs. USM
8:45am - FSU vs. FGCU, Gamecock vs. USF
9:30am - Finest vs. Terminus, Siege vs. Storm
10:15am - CofC vs. Tennessee, Miami vs. Florida, Knights vs. USM
11:00am - FSU vs. Gamecock, FGCU vs. USF
11:45am - Siege vs. Terminus, Finest vs. Storm
12:30pm - Miami vs. Gamecock, Knights vs. FGCU, CofC vs. USF
1:15pm - Tennessee vs. Florida, FSU vs. USM
2:00pm - Finest vs. Siege, Storm vs. Terminus
2:45pm - Gamecock vs. CofC, Knights vs. USF, Miami vs. FGCU
3:30pm - Tennessee vs. USM, FSU vs. Florida
4:15pm - Siege vs. Storm, Finest vs. Terminus
5:00pm - Gamecock vs. Knights, CofC vs. FGCU, Miami vs. USF
5:45pm - FSU vs. Tennessee, Florida vs. USM
6:30pm - Finest vs. Storm, Siege vs. Terminus


8:00am - Gamecock vs. FGCU, CofC vs. USM, Miami vs. Tennessee
8:45am - Knights vs. Florida, FSU vs. USF
9:30am - Storm vs. Terminus, Finest vs. Siege
10:15am - FGCU vs. USM, Gamecock vs. Tennessee, Florida vs. USF
11:00am - FSU vs. Knights, Miami vs. CofC
11:45am - Finest vs. Storm, Siege vs. Terminus
12:30pm - Gamecock vs. USM, Tennessee vs. USF, Florida vs. FGCU
1:15pm - Miami vs. Knights, FSU vs. CofC
2:00pm - Siege vs. Storm, Finest vs. Terminus
2:45pm - USM vs. USF, Gamecock vs. Florida, Tennessee vs. FGCU
3:30pm - Miami vs. FSU, Knights vs. CofC
4:15pm - Finest vs. Siege, Storm vs. Terminus


College of Charleston
Florida Gulf Coast Quidditch
Florida State Quidditch
Florida's Finest
Gainesville Siege
Gamecock Quidditch
Nearly Headless Knights
Quidditch Club at the University of Tennessee Knoxville
Southern Storm
Terminus Quidditch Atlanta
University of Florida Quidditch Club
University of Miami
University of South Florida Quidditch
USM Quidditch


Scores will be available to view here as well as on Twitter @USQScores


Munny Sokol Park North
6250 Watermelon Rd, Tuscaloosa, AL 35406


Parking is free. Pets are not allowed on the fields. Outside food and drink, besides water, is not allowed inside the facility. 


We would like to thank our valued partners, Tuscaloosa Tourism & Sports, for their support of this event.


To request a press pass, please email A press pass gives one access to shoot video and photos between the hard boundary and the spectator line. Please note that the use of tripods is prohibited along the scorekeeper table side of each field. Individuals with tripods must be on the opposite side of the field. Tripods are not allowed within the hard boundary area. Access to shooting in the hard boundary area is granted on a case by case basis.

For interview requests in advance of the event, please email


US Quidditch merch, including event t-shirts and trading cards, will be available to purchase on-site. We take cash, check, and credit card. Food will also be available to purchase on-site.  

To sign up to be a vendor, please fill this form and staff will contact you within two business days. It costs $100 to register as a vendor at a single regional championship. Nonprofits may vend for free, provided there is space available.


Who is eligible to compete in this event?

The regional championship is open to all official member teams of USQ based in the South region. In order to participate, players must be official USQ members (trial members may not participate in regional championships or US Quidditch Cup 11 without first upgrading their membership).

Is there a registration fee for the tournament?

No. Participation in a regional championship is free to all official member teams.

How many teams will qualify to compete in the national championship?

There are 4 bids available for the collegiatiate divsion and 1 bid in the community division. Read more here.

Can teams attend multiple regional championships?

No, teams may only attend one regional championship per year.

Can my team attend a different regional championship than the one that is in my region?

Teams may apply to receive a waiver to attend a different regional championship than their own. Teams are not guaranteed a waiver to attend a different regional championship just by virtue of submitting the waiver request form. Possible acceptable circumstances under which a waiver will be granted include: assigned regional championship is much farther away than alternative regional championship, financially infeasible to attend assigned regional championship, or affiliated institution is holding a required activity during the regional championship (e.g. final exams). To apply to attend a different regional championship, please submit this form no later than one month before the date of your assigned regional championship.

Teams located in a region whose division is less than the minimum number of teams required to have a regional championship may also be invited to transfer and attend another regional championship of USQ’s choice, based on their location.

Who is planning this event?

All USQ events are planned in collaboration with the full events department, led by Events Director Mary Kimball and Events Manager Jillian Flom. You can see the full list of event department staff here. Additionally, we work with all of our volunteers across the league (ex. referee and snitch volunteers, regional coordinators, etc.) to ensure that events are the highest quality possible.


Questions about the regional championship? Email