Become a Snitch


Our sport relies on a number of officials in order to function properly. Along with referees, every game includes a snitch runner. The snitch runner is neutral athlete and official dressed in yellow, whose job it is to remain fair to both teams while avoiding capture for as long as possible.


The snitch runner database is available here



  1. To become a member, click on the link here

  2. Register if you do not have account. Log-in if you do

  3. Pass the Assistant Referee Written Test and Snitch Rules Test

  4. Click on ‘Membership’

  5. Click on ‘Upgrade Your Membership’ and fill out the information as directed for 'snitch runner' membership.



The tiered snitch runner certification program aims to clearly distinguish the skill and certification of snitch runners. Differing from other seasons, a snitch runner is certified after completing certification assessments and upgrading their membership. No field test is required to become certified this season. Certified snitch runners are paid $10/official game.

All snitch runners are assigned a tier immediately upon certification, beginning with tier 5. Tiers can be reassessed throughout the season as additional film or field tests take place. Tiers are also subject to change throughout the season outside of the formal assessments pending performance and evaluations. All tiered snitches have displayed an understanding of the rules and requirements of officiating a game as a snitch runner.

Tier 5 snitches have only completed the requirements of the two steps listed below to officiate an official USQ game, but have not been reviewed by any proctor on their snitching ability. Snitches with tier 1-4 have been judged based on snitching ability by snitch proctors (either by video footage or in-person field test) and granted a tier. Tier 1 is the highest tier and tier 5 is the lowest.


  • Tier 1: Priority consideration to snitch USQ-hosted semi-final and finals games. 

  • Tier 2: Priority consideration to snitch USQ-hosted bracket-play and quarter-final games. 

  • Tier 3: Consideration for being scheduled to snitch games at USQ-hosted events. Priority given to snitch games on day one of USQ hosted events. 

  • Tier 4: Consideration for being scheduled to snitch games at USQ hosted events. 

  • Tier 5: This snitch has passed their tests, upgraded their membership, and can be paid, but has not submitted film for tiering. 


There are two steps to becoming a tier 5 certified snitch runner. All two steps must be completed in the order outlined below:

  1. Pass the Assistant Referee Written Test and Snitch Rules Test

  2. After you pass both AR and SR tests: Upgrade USQ account with a snitch runner membership (free) 

Certified snitch runners are not required for official matches with the exception of regional championships and US Quidditch Cup. 

To serve as a snitch runner at a USQ-hosted event, all certification requirements must be completed at least 24 hours before the scheduled event.


Snitch candidates may submit videos on a rolling basis. You may submit any number of videos via this form. Snitch proctors will review your footage and provide feedback.

Submitted videos must display the following characteristics:

  1. Film of the entire snitch’s body, from the third person perspective. Snitch runners may not hold or wear the camera on themselves.

  2. Game film can be from any official game, practice, scrimmage, or fantasy tournament since August 2019. The game does not need to be official, but does need to be officiated by a referee crew that meets the guidelines of a USQ, MLQ or IQA official game and have a final score.

  3. USQ snitch team reserves the right to request replacement footage at any time.

After submitting film, applicants can expect to receive a response within 2 weeks of submission. If an applicant does not pass, new film can be submitted for a new evaluation at any time. Film evaluation will include, but is not limited to:

  1. Field awareness

  2. Evasion techniques

  3. Safety on pitch

  4. Body movement and reflexes

  5. Knowledge of rules and regulations

All members applying for tier advancement will receive a detailed response from the snitch team on their film with constructive criticism. 


Those who would like to request an in-person field test can do so by signing-up here. In person field tests can take place at any tournament listed on the form, or can also be requested at a USQ Regional Championship. Field tests are not guaranteed at any event, the tournament director has jurisdiction as to whether they can schedule the test appropriately. 

Snitch runners are not paid for their field tests. The snitch field test proctor will receive $10, even if the game is unofficial. 


Snitch proctors are representatives that work in conjunction with the snitch team to maintain an accurate judgement of snitches across the league. Proctors will assist in grading snitches at in-person tournaments and via online film submissions. They are paid $10/game that they proctor at an in-person tournament, even if it's unofficial. Proctors must be a tier 5 snitch or above. Apply to be a proctor today!


At USQ-hosted events, event staff will prioritize using snitch runners with a higher tier. Snitch runners who wish to have their tier reevaluated in advance of a USQ-hosted event should submit new game film at least two weeks prior to the event.

Snitches are not eligible for tier advancement or officiating at USQ hosted events without becoming a certified snitch (process outlined above).



A new selection system is being created by Barnes, Consoli, and Cooper to further help assign snitches to games at events. This guideline will take into account the new snitch tier system and will be available for use by USQ certified tournament directors


Barnes, Champitto, and Consoli have finalized the process for the new Snitch of the Month and Snitch of the Year programs. The two programs will run throughout the season, starting in the 2021-22 season, selecting snitches who demonstrate a strong commitment to high quality snitching. These programs, in collaboration with our new snitch tier system, will be used to highlight high quality snitches in a transparent and engaging way. 


A video series creaated by Bailey and Champitto of introductory, basic, and advanced snitching advice geared towards new and experienced snitches is available now. 

Beginner (Tier 5 and Up): 

Intermediate (Tier 3 and Up):

Advanced (Tier 2 and Up):