Team Sponsorship

Team Sponsorship

USQ will review applications to sponsor the individual membership dues of two member teams that already have four registered member players, for a sponsorship valued at $840 per team that will pay for the individual dues of an additional 14 players.

Applications must include an essay with a demonstration of the team’s need and a competition plan for the upcoming season; at least one reference; and an agreement to complete one community service project during the season if chosen.


A registered member team with four registered member players may apply for this season's team sponsorship. Teams that have already received a sponsorship within the previous two seasons are ineligible to apply.

Sponsorship applications are due on September 21, 2018. Grant winners will be selected before the bid allocation registration deadline, which is September 30. 


Complete applications will be evaluated by impartial USQ staff and membership department volunteers.


Send the following as PDF files to with the email subject heading: [TEAM SPONSORSHIP] TeamName. “TeamName” should be replaced with the name of your team.

1. One essay of no more than 500 words demonstrating the team’s need.*

2. Competition plan for the season, including other forms of funding (sample items to include would be a schedule of major events and tournaments; plans to host events; outline of tournament roster selection process; et al.)

3. One letter of reference, preferably from a regional representative, conference leader, or school club advisor/administrator.

4. Proposed community service project.

*The essay in whole or in parts may be used for future promotion of USQ and/or the USQ grants program. Any quotes used will be attributed to the author. Questions should be directed to