Starter Kit

Starter Kit

USQ “Starter Kit” Equipment Grant provides a first-year member team with the necessary supplies to host practices, scrimmages, and quidditch games. The goal of this grant is to promote long-term sustainability of a new team as a USQ member. One of these grants are available for the 2018-19 playing season.


  • One full set of hoops (six hoops per set)

  • One Baden Matchpoint size 5 quaffle

  • Three Champion bludgers

  • One snitch short set (includes shorts and tail)

  • Two full sets of headbands (seven per set: one green, one yellow, two black, three white)

  • Two sets of practice pinnies (12 per set, each set a different color)

  • One set of short practice cones (20 per set)

  • One athletic first aid kit

(Please note: the grant does not include brooms)


A quidditch team is eligible for an USQ grant if it is an USQ official member team (with at least 10 USQ individual members), and is a first-year USQ member team.


Applications are reviewed and evaluated by USQ based on the following criteria:

  • A demonstrated need for the equipment

  • A demonstrated effort to procure other funding sources on a regular basis

  • Proven dedication to community outreach


By May 2019, the applicant must submit a final report, including:

  • Signed copy of grant agreement

  • Detailed description and assessment on use of equipment (with 3-5 high resolution photos to be published on USQ site and media outlets with a brief article)

  • Recipients must provide recognition of the support of USQ (to be determined upon consultation with USQ)


To apply for the grant, send the following information to by 11:59pm ET on Friday, September 21, 2018. The winners will be announced and equipment will be shipped shortly after.

Member profile

  • Age of team

  • Number of players total

  • Type of team (community/school; official/school; unofficial)

  • Team mission/bylaws (goals of the team, administrative structure, meeting schedule etc)

  • Membership fees collected

Letters of support (optional)

  • Regional coordinator

  • School administration

  • Mentor team

Supplemental information

  • What fundraising programs has the team taken to meet financial needs? What fundraising efforts are planned for the future?

  • What has the team done to involve itself with the community? How does the team plan on giving back to its community in the future?

  • What efforts are planned in the future to expand the team’s player base?

  • How will an equipment start-up kit further the development of the team?

  • If it is a school team and the school does not recognize/support it yet, what does the team need to do in order to get the school’s support?

  • Where does the team expect to be in five years? Competitively? Financially?

Good luck!